Turkey gives US the chance to make up for its losses in Syria - YASIN AKTAY

Turkey gives US the chance to make up for its losses in Syria

Turkey and the U.S. have long been negotiating the formation of a peace corridor against the terror corridor in the north of Syria. The recent meetings held upon the visit of a U.S. delegation, finally led negotiations to be efficacious.

As a matter of fact, Turkey’s demands, intentions and plan concerning this matter are extremely clear and absolute. What Turkey wants is a plan that will not be detrimental to anybody, but of course, also prevent a terrorist organization from being positioning there.

The current problems that are obviously making it difficult for parties to reach an agreement and slowing down this very process, are the result of the U.S.’s lack of openness, clarity and transparency with respect to this matter. Nobody has any idea what the U.S. wants to achieve in Syria. As far as can be seen, it too is confused about this matter. The mind of the Pentagon and that of the White House are not one and the same. At the current point, Pentagon’s plan cancelled out U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan, and now, the one being imposed now is the one the U.S. has been implementing from the very beginning.

The point the U.S. has reached by backing one terrorist organization against another in Syria shows that it is essentially not against terrorism. As a matter of fact, the U.S. continuing to support this terrorist organization despite it being blatantly obvious that the terrorist organization in question is harming its own ally’s security, shows once more that the U.S.’s alliance can never be trusted.

As a matter of fact, after the Syrian people, Turkey is the country paying the heaviest price for all the policies the U.S. is applying in Syria. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Syrian refugee problem we are facing today is entirely the result of the U.S.’s unreliable policies. Pointing the target to fighting an organization called Daesh instead of toppling Bashar Assad, which it declared as its reason for coming to Syria, it already signaled the sort of secret shams it is conducting, and with whom. Yet, clearly, at the best chance, Daesh’s reason for existence was the Assad regime itself. Of course, a more realistic possibility is that this dark murder organization is a complete workshop job of U.S. production.

At the end of the day, Daesh appears to have been simply the excuse used for a unilateral plan in Syria. None other than Turkey sincerely and properly fought against this dark organization.

No country other than Turkey is sincere concerning the fight against Daesh. There is tons of information about how militants that left Daesh shaved off or shortened their beards and, without wasting any time, joined the lines of the Democratic Union Party (PYD). This example also suffices to show that the fight between them is not real. Who do they think they are fooling?

So, what happens at the end of it all? Upon a complete demographic operation, ethnic cleansing in Syria is what happened. Almost one-third of Syrian people are abroad, and more than half have been internally displaced.

The direct impact of the U.S. insisting on cooperating with the PYD on Turkey is the Syrian migration from Manbij and regions east of the Euphrates River to Turkey as a result of the ethnic cleansing by the PYD. None of the humanitarian, economic and political problems caused by this concern or affect the U.S. Hence, the U.S. does not have any care for the problems caused by this.

Yet, the reports published by the International Amnesty Organization since 2015 draw attention to the humanitarian disasters that have been caused and will further be caused as a result of the PYD daring to carry out ethnic cleansing in Manbij and the regions east of the Euphrates, areas controlled by the U.S.-backed PYD. Of course, the PYD is getting involved in all such business – those which it would never dare with its own natural forces – with U.S. support and direction.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has no explanation or argument for insisting on its said support to the PYD. There is also no logic or consistency behind the U.S. saying it will not throw under the bus the PYD, which it claims to be using for the sake of the fight against Daesh. Load 7,000 truckloads of weapons on a dead donkey and you will build a force out of it. This does not show that the PYD was successful in the fight against Daesh, but instead it shows the U.S. made a wrong choice and its insistence on this choice. By implementing in our region, a program that serves no benefit to anybody, that is also not clear or transparent to anybody, the U.S. is doing nothing other than escalating the chaos in the region.

As for Turkey, while it has been trying to establish a safe zone inside Syria since the very beginning, it was also suggesting a measure that would save the entire Syrian public, and also considering to limit the migration, directed at itself, within Syria. Every suggestion Turkey made in Syria was as a precaution against developments, the results of which directly concern its own security. Syria’s quest for territorial integrity, stability and internal peace are the essence of these measures. Anything that is a threat to these cannot contribute to neither the Syrian people, nor the people of the region or world peace.

Nobody should be concerned about Turkey’s insistence on a peace corridor in the east of the Euphrates, as it is not a step against Kurds or any other ethnic group. It is simply a measure against a terrorist corridor, which will result in ethnic cleansing and the division of Syria. The U.S. now needs to understand this and see that working more closely with Turkey will also be in its own interests. Because the path it has chosen today is starting to consume its three-century-old values.

The plan Turkey offers the U.S. actually gives it the opportunity to make up for its losses.


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