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Turkey is in the accusing position, not on the defense

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu’s back-to-back trips to Paris, Berlin and Brussels in the past week, and his London, Davos and Zurich trips this week, helped illuminate a new arena of encounters with the European Union. In the environment, where Paris attacks are on the top of the agenda, we’ve witnessed dialogue, in which topics like Islam and violence, democracy, human rights, Islamophobia and multiculturalism are widely discussed and re-handled.

Davutoğlu’s trips have formed the best answer against the whimpers, like “Turkey is breaking away from the EU”. Well, we don’t even call it criticism, we call it “whimpering”; and actually, we can’t say that these “whimpers” are not waiting for an answer.

Whimpers and blusters are not waiting for an argument, with which they can become a part of the discrediting campaigns against Turkey and which can persuade them. On the contrary, they are making plans for oppressing any answer that might persuade them with an even bigger rumble. Sadly, this rumble is let loose by the parliamentarians and media members, which are being fed by the lobby activities of the parallel structure. Most likely, the passing of the report, which is related with the freedom of the press in Turkey, in the European Parliament, while the Prime Minister was in Brussels, was the result of this black propaganda.  Of course, it’s the European Parliament’s shame to be effected by this warping black propaganda.

On December 14, a Sunday, while everyone under European standards was normally enjoying their weekend in peace, the parallel structure managed to mobilize a couple of parliamentarians and managed to provoke statements against Turkey. However, raising this black propaganda to a level effective enough to manipulate the European Parliament to issue such a decision didn’t make the parallel structure purr with pleasure. All the things they’ve done has shown the limits of their power; however, with this show of strength they are losing their legitimacy within the Muslim Turkish community each passing day. Of course, if the situation caused by the black propaganda, which is being operated against Turkey with the financial assistance gathered from the Turkish community, is of interest to them.

It seems that the parallel structure has lost all their expectancies related with Turkey and the Muslim public opinion, and restricted all their plans and investments to perception operations directed at foreigners. They no longer have any interest in how they’re viewed by Muslims and Turks. They are trying to procure a gain by complaining about Turkey and Tayyip Erdoğan to foreigners. A weird plan, a shameful plan, a vile plan. The absolute result of these plans is loss and harm. It’s an obvious reality.

Davutoğlu is also delivering speeches at the think tank institutions of the European cities he visits. His speeches are being observed by the European community with great interest. Especially his speech at the “Friends of Europe” institution in Brussels was a complete political manifesto related with Turkey-Europe relations and Middle East-World politics. In that speech, especially in the part where he explained Europe’s and Turkey’s roles in the Arab Spring period in a comparative fashion, he gave a good performance, which presented the supremacy  of Turkey being the accusing, criticizing side that invites others to honesty rather than being on the defense side about the matter of democracy. Yes, on December 14 he reminded the European Friends, which hastily posed for the cameras to deliver statements against Turkey for a couple of journalists, who had been taken into custody to give their statements since they had been accused of making some other journalists’ lives miserable. They did this by fabricating evidence and setting conspiracies, that they didn’t even shed a tear for Egypt, which slaughtered three thousand of their own citizens in a couple of days and imprisoned hundreds of journalists for fun, and couldn’t label these incidents as a coup d’état. Moreover, today those “European Friends” are warming up to normalize their relations with the coupist administration of Egypt.

The same European Friends, who are trying to keep Turkey under psychological pressure for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, should be ashamed because of this oppression and should defend themselves. Nobody is in a position to criticize or accuse Turkey because of this; on the contrary, Turkey is the one that can accuse everyone in consideration of Turkey’s democracy-supporting, principled and consistent stance. Besides, it’s not correct that Turkey is supporting Muslim Brotherhood. Turkey is on the side of legitimacy and democracy. When the Nida Tunisia party, which had been elected as the rulership in Tunisia as the democratic process was being conducted, become the one against the Muslim Brotherhood, that didn’t stop Turkey from supporting that process.

Whether it’s the EU countries or the US, no matter which authorities the parallel structure appeals to against Turkey and AK Party, none of them has anything to say to Turkey regarding democracy, human rights and freedom of expression. Turkey has clear supremacy against all of them on the matter of honesty regarding the democracy matter, especially on the matter of supporting democratic processes in the Middle East.

Turkey is not in the defensive position on the matter of democracy and human rights as it was in the past, but rather, in the accusing position.


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