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Under the shadow of guns; It's HDP, you can expect anything

Upon hearing the news or developments related with HDP members' difficulties in conducting some political activities in many provinces in the West, the “guard intellectuals” performed their known human rights and democracy reflexes, and published a notice. It's pleasant, we have no objections. Every political opinion in Turkey should be enunciable in every region of the country. Any obstruction or oppression directed at this is unacceptable. Especially under the election conditions, there should be a gentlemen agreement between the sides, as well as the law and democracy norms. In the end, it's political rivalry. In a political argument over how the country will be administered, the sides are going to the public to prove that they are the best suitors. Their violent fights for acquiring the votes of the public, and the attempts to acquire the votes of the public through oppression rather than persuasion, will be breaking the nature of the whole thing. Thus, it's necessary to set the principle consistently. Every attack towards any political party, no matter for what purpose, is an attack on democracy. We are reprimanding all the attacks. For the very same reason, we've reprimanded the attacks towards HDP in Adana and Mersin as soon as we received the news, but they told us that “since you are the rulership, you have to find the perpetrators”. The perpetrators of the incident were revealed within two days; however, no one even made even the tiniest expression of embarrassment. The ones who attacked HDP were found out to be militants from DHKP-C, the brother institution of PKK, that were working over a complete plot fiction as of their activity styles. It's not hard to understand the objective behind this attack. We understand that the difficulties of HDP in some provinces are mobilizing the democratic sensitivities, but why the difficulties, or in other words, terrors HDP has other parties experience in some provinces never become a matter of democratic sensitivity?

A similar attack had been done against AK Party in Siirt-Baykan Veysel Karani. No one reprimanded it or regarded it as an attack towards democracy.

In Şirvan, 5 children, including a child of a ranger, under the age of 18 were kidnapped. When their families went to the HDP headquarters, they were told that their children will be held in the mountains until the end of the elections and according to the results.

Not so long ago, a village headman in Eruh had been slaughtered in the middle of the night after he made it clear that he will be voting for AK Party, and the message “draw a lesson from Musto's case and watch your step” is being directed to many headmen, rangers and AK Party parliamentarians in the region. The lesson that needs to be drawn from Musto's case is being stated clearly; do not vote for any party other than HDP on June 7th. Countless letters in this direction are being passed around, and an important part of it has been directed to the prosecution; however, unfortunately a more important part of it is being kept a secret between the ones who are threatened and the ones who sent those letters.

AK Party's Siirt candidates' election minibuses have almost no windows yet. They are experiencing a new attack every day. Yesterday, there were open threats towards the people in many villages and provinces to prevent them from participating in Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's Siirt rally; however, despite that, the participation levels were above expectations.

Meanwhile, an HDP group attempted to batter the members of youth and women branches. . Three women and a man were battered in the process. The real face of the movement, who are the subject of fake praises due to their “advanced” practices on the matter of women, had been shown once again on the same matter.

For them, a Kurd, who doesn't vote for HDP, is no Kurd at all. A woman who does not obey the PKK is not a woman with rights. Their horrible exclusions, oppression and exiles towards the Kurds, who don't vote for them, and who the PKK declares as traitors, are showing us that HDP possesses a fascistic community design. Besides, the incidents we've mentioned above are just couple examples we've encountered in only Siirt during this short election campaign. More of these examples are a common occurrence in other cities and villages in the region.

The attacks towards HDP are unacceptable of course; however, what's the meaning behind the silence against the aggressiveness and violence shown by HDP against everyone as a party policy? There is a nonchalance that presents the relation formed between the “It's HDP, whatever they do is right” perception and HDP with weapons, as normal. HDP can attack, kill, threaten, lay traps against anyone, and that's their most natural right, but no one can attack HDP and their election offices. It seems that this lack of a standard, which is treating the people like a fool, we experience in the incidents is regarding HDP as a savior that will distance AK Party from the rulership by mobilizing together with PKK, KCK, HPG and all its other elements. But, there is no inconvenience in sacrificing the mind, enlightenment and consciousness for that savior.

All we've left is to watch the final flutter of these enlightened ones with sorrow.


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