What do we mean by the struggle against ISIL? - YASIN AKTAY

What do we mean by the struggle against ISIL?

The 2014 summit of NATO, which was held in Wales, gave a significant portion to the struggle against ISIL. The ISIL question is not only restricted to the Middle East nor Damascus. Apart from the irony, in these places people come from all parts of the world to join the fight.

This requires every country to show an extra-ordinary care and tracking for their Muslim citizens because the subjects of the participation to ISIL and the stories concerning their transformation into monsters in this organization portray the most ordinary and familiar faces of their countries.

A person of Arab origin, who worked in one of the airports in the US in the mending department, is now in the lines of ISIL, even in the beheading group. In another fragment, there is a pop singer who became a militant in ISIL. It seems that these stories are serving to spread a very dangerous perception increasingly that can generalize every Muslim and Arab as a potential ISIL militant.

In other words, in relation to the ISIL phenomenon, we might expect increased paranoiac attitude against Muslims in many countries similar to the one in the aftermath of the attacks against the World Trade Center in September 11, 2001.

The European, American and Turkish media are copiously publishing horrible pictures of ISIL on a daily basis. These news reports apparently give a message that ISIL must absolutely be prevented. Thus, it is a diligently prepared topic for the NATO"s ordinary meeting agenda.

On the other hand, we learn that the US Foreign Ministry John Kerry called on ten alliances to contribute to the struggle against the threat of ISIL. The US decided to establish a core coalition which comprises 10 countries along with Turkey to fight against ISIL.

Under the scope of these cautions, we may better analyze what outcomes the violent and terror activities of ISIL will lead to, led and whom.

It seems that the struggle against ISIL cannot begin until the mental feasibility and sociological background is prepared, and even so, after this ground it is sufficiently and possibly supported. In other words, for the last 12 years in Iraq and for some years in Syria, the best conditions were established for the formation of ISIL. All the applications which the US imposed are already encouraging the formation of ISIL-type organizations.

To be clearer, the US and its alliances have first created the conditions of the marsh and now they are trying to deal with the gnats coming out of it according to these conditions.

In this struggle, what is prioritized is the physical tracking and the control of the bank account number and just in case, for security reasons, the interning of every single person of those who might be inclined to the mounting fury, avenge and viciousness in the Middle East.

Of course, in the meanwhile the differentiation is done out of courtesy between the "true Islam" which ISIL exploits and the "fake Islam" which ISIL made up and managed well with rhetorical skills. Based on our experience, however, we know that these differentiations cannot prevent any of the upcoming Islamophobic complications or help with the struggle against ISIL. Everybody knows already that ISIL does not represent Islam and that it is not a state. If we just leave the conditions in Iraq aside, this was due to the postponement of an inevitable outcome for the Assad regime to go. It simply left behind a very convenient, empty area which ISIL filled it or some other radical organization. It did not need a prophecy to know these conditions.

However, even beyond that, the organization was moving to Mosul and openly passing through the non-residential areas and the intervention against ISIL was quite easy at that point. However, the only victims are those who are the residents of these locations after their settlement especially in the Sunni cities.

Almost half of the population of the Sunni cities of Syria generally (Mosul, Tikrit, Fallujah) had to flee because ISIL took control. The attacks from the air and the ground make life unbearable for people and force them to immigrate elsewhere. In the mean time, cities are turning into ruins.

In the name of the operations against ISIL, the human geography of the region is being re-drawn. Meanwhile, unprecedentedly, the greatest Islamophobic concerns are rising. Furthermore, these waves have a deep-rooted support: the death pornography of the beheaded heads and the kidnapped girls, which was made visible through the public. Let"s admit that up until now there were no fair reasons to have Islamophobic concerns.


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