What kind of a wild goose chase is Macron dragging Europe into? - YASIN AKTAY

What kind of a wild goose chase is Macron dragging Europe into?

The wild goose chase led by French President Emmanuel Macron, to seek abroad what he lost within, are causing serious problems for both his own country and all of Europe – and in fact for the whole world.

Macron is unable to fulfill the promises he made to the French people who voted for him. The country has been suffering economic instability since he came to office, and these problems are leading to the endless demonstrations of the group called the Yellow Vests. Additionally, as Macron pursues the reputation he lost within his own country abroad, he constantly comes face to face with Turkey every step of the way: In Libya, Syria, Lebanon, the Mediterranean, and now in Azerbaijan.

He supports Khalifa Haftar in Libya, who is considered extreme, even in the Muslim world, who is supported by the Saudi-based Madkhali groups that produced Daesh, which easily slits throats “in the name of Islam.” He tells them that the real great threat to Islam is Turkey and Qatar’s Islam, and thus cooperates with them. The first visible result of this cooperation alone is the mass graves that continue to be discovered daily in Tarhuna. Those buried in these graves are civilian, unarmed Libyans who were tortured to death, with their hands tied, no questions asked. These are massacres that are within the scope of crimes against humanity, and the French administration under Macron is clearly a partner in these crimes.

Of course, the quagmire of crimes Macron is dragging France into may have gone unnoticed – that is, if Turkey had not unearthed its acts involving human corpses.

He is naturally angry with Turkey, and in an attempt to exact revenge, he is provoking Greece to drive it to the verge of a war against Turkey in the East Mediterranean in a bid to carve up the East Mediterranean. He is slamming Turkey and calling on the Western world to mobilize against Ankara to implement aggressive policies, simply because Turkey is objecting to an incongruous intervention taking place within its own borders as well as defending its rights against a division that excludes it.

While the people in Lebanon were struggling for their life due to the explosion at the Beirut port, instead of mending their wounds, he geared up and threatened them, provoking them to form a front against Turkey.

It is clear that his helpless against Turkey has overthrown Macron’s balance. Lately, he has been trying to attack Turkey through Islam. He thinks that the more he attacks Islam, the more he insults the Prophet, the more he is going to hurt Turkey. Of course, he is annoying the entire Muslim world and drawing its reaction.

Yet, he is sure beyond a doubt that, as a country, the direct addressee is Turkey. He knows extremely well that the leading countries of the Islamic Muslim today are no longer concerned with Islam.

He is well aware how much Muslims are hurt by the insults towards the Prophet, whom they hold dearer than their own lives, souls, their parents and children. That no country other than Turkey and Pakistan raises their voice against this shows how far the Muslim world is from representing its own people.

There could only be one reason the Muslim world is not standing up to these insolent attacks on Islam’s sacred values: The Islamic world is under invasion.

While we are constantly focused on Palestine, the Crusader and Zionist occupation of all the central countries of the Muslim world has been quietly completed. We had mentioned that the war Saudi Arabia waged against Qatar three years ago was in reality a threat to Mecca and Medina. We had even said, “Saudi Arabia must take measures before enemy tanks reach Mecca and Medina.” Yet, the tanks long ago reached Mecca and Medina and took control. If there is not the slightest reaction against the disrespect towards Islam’s sacred sites, Islam’s values, then there is no other explanation. Therefore, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are not at all concerned with Islam and the Prophet.

Forget about showing a reaction to this situation, there have even been those in these countries who shamelessly and proudly stated that in the case of a dispute between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Macron, they would choose Macron. Yet, before any dispute between Macron and Erdoğan, there is a dispute between Macron and our Prophet Mohammad, and Erdoğan has clearly chosen the prophet’s side – regardless of the consequences he may face. Will you side with those who waged a war against the Prophet simply because Erdoğan is on the Prophet’s side?

In all his bigotry, Macron is working towards developing a crusader mobilization. He is trying to leap into this adventure and provoke the Western world, but so far he has received no support other than from a few far-right groups.

We hope that Western countries will see the dirty plans behind this crusades call, and will not give credit to such a wild goose chase that will have major consequences for all the values and the order claimed by the West.


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