What kind of sick person describes the innocent children of Idlib as blood-shedding terrorists? - YASIN AKTAY

What kind of sick person describes the innocent children of Idlib as blood-shedding terrorists?

Turkey is playing a key role in Libya by paving the way for peace that was, until now, blocked, while simultaneously revealing the hypocrisy of the world’s peace discourses. Obviously everyone wants peace. It does not cost us anything to talk about it, and nobody is keeping count of what is said anyway.

However, those who prattle on about peace day and night did nothing in the face of a belligerent force in Libya carrying out massacres and step by step, gradually destroying the legitimate administration by intimidating civilians. In the meantime, the party being attacked was screaming for help, striving to have its voice heard by the whole world. If Turkey had not heard this plea for help, there really would have been no Tripoli administration remaining either, and thus, an atmosphere of peace would have been formed with the dominance of a putschist-bandit; peace derived from the blood of tens of thousands and the deprivation of basic human rights.

While undertaking a key role for peace, Turkey also presents an attitude that awakens humanity’s dead conscience in the face of the tyranny, inhumane practices and massacres that bring about chaos. It has long been among the world’s top countries in the field of humanitarian aid.

In addition to Turkey putting forth this stance in Libya, it shows it in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. There is an obvious difference between Turkey’s role in these regions and that of other actors. Turkey doesn’t go to these countries to create a problem but to solve them, not to fight but to establish peace, not to deepen the problem but to alleviate it; it emerges everywhere it goes with this characteristic aspect.

Recently, while everyone’s attention is focused on Libya, we are witnessing everyone act in accordance with their character right beside us, in Idlib. While the wolves take advantage of the hazy air and deploy to the ground, Russia and the Syrian regime are once again displaying their power by using it against innocents, civilians, defenseless people, continuing to add to their crimes against humanity. It has become so common now that nobody is expecting Russia or Syria to show any respect toward human rights.

It is considered that anything goes in Syria; Russia lacks humanity, hence it can attack thousands of civilians, property and peace to kill a “terrorist.”

Meanwhile, it allows terrorists on its target list to get away, and civilians, children, innocent and defenseless people are left to deal with the consequences.

As the tens of thousands of people flee from the war machines it irresponsibly and arbitrarily activated reach Turkey’s borders, instead of turning to Russia and the Syrian regime, telling them to stop, we question why the EU did not take in these refugees. Whereas, Russia, Iran and the regime in Syria that is at the end of its bloody tyrant round, are the causes of migration.

Of course, everybody acts in accordance with their disposition, their character, and we become so accustomed to this that we do not expect Russia, Syria and Iran to respect human rights. Their dispositions are now associated with massacres, tyranny, and disrespect toward human rights. Just like we no longer expect main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu to understand what is going on, to touch his conscious, if such a thing still exists, and evaluate the situation in the least bit.

He blurted out that everybody who fled Idlib and came into Turkey are “blood-shedding terrorists.” At the time he said this, the cries of a father who lost all three of his children on the same day were rising, but these cries could not reach Kılıçdaroğlu’s ears. Have the questions asked by Esra Elönü expressing the screams of the oppressed found Kılıçdaroğlu’ ears?

Elönü asked: Is the child from Idlib, who is crying in the mud, wearing his dead father’s shoes a terrorist? Is the bright-faced old lady, who was crying for the lack of a homeland while hugging the cat she saved, a terrorist? Is the girl who would not allow anybody to touch her hair, which her mother braided, since the day her mother died a terrorist? Is Erva, who dies saying, “I am the olive of the tree under which I died” a terrorist?

Yes, everybody acts in accordance with their character and, despite all, we are not able to get used to this; we cannot be inured to it or consider it as normal.

We are curious about the disease that shows Kılıçdaroğlu the children struggling to hold onto dear life, crying with their muddied feet, the old ladies crying for a homeland while hugging their pets, children who have lost their parents and have undertaken the burden of the world at such a young age as “blood-shedding terrorists.” What kind of an ideology, what sort of fury and hostility is this?

After being ideologically conditioned to think in this way, how much compassion or humanity does he have left to spare his own children and grandchildren?

What can such a miserable policy promise Turkey, the world, its own children other than an alignment with tyrants such as Assad, el-Sisi, Russia and Iran?


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