What matters is Israel and the rest is a detail! - YASIN AKTAY

What matters is Israel and the rest is a detail!

Call it international law, human rights, modernization acquis, secularism etc, whatever! Concerning all that has been said earlier; when it comes to Israel, you can simply leave them aside. If what matters is Israel, then all these terms and this acquis are considered a detail for the "civil" world.

It is not acceptable to recognize the occupation of a country"s land by another country in terms of international law adopted by the United Nations. When a country tends to do that, it is qualified as an invader and finds itself in an illegal status. In normal conditions, according to this fundamental principle, all countries do suspend their relationships with the criminal country, apply embargos and enforce other sanctions.

However, when it comes to Israel, ever since the foundation of its state, starting with a partial occupation, it has largely occupied a great territory after 1967 in Palestine and Syria. The UN describes this situation as occupation and asks Israel to retreat, but that is it. Israel does not recognize any UN resolution in that regard.

Who cares about the UN resolutions, when it comes to Israel?

Ever since 1967, Israel has been an invader in the Palestinian territory and that is the essential source of the problem in Palestine. What is alleged as violence for the actions of Palestinians is nothing but their struggle to survive and self-defense in its most desperate way; the source of aggression and violence is Israel, which continues the occupation and expands it every passing day.

When it comes to Israel, concepts such as independence of nations and freedom struggle all go down the drain, because they are portrayed as vexing terroristic activities.

At the face of Israel"s aggression that has been promoted and encouraged by the whole world, Palestinians don"t possess anything other than simple weapons for the self-defense. On the other hand, Israel is fully armed like a terminator machine. Despite that, the civil world"s media talks it away as "Israel"s self defense right" and it complains about "Hamas terror".

This is the reflection of the western media concerning the tens of kids being slaughtered in the most barbaric way. While the corpses of Palestinian kids were still laying on the beach torn into pieces, German Prime Minister Angela Merkel already favored the position of Israel by describing it as a war between Israel and Gaza, as though there were two equal parts of a war. Even when she takes her position, she is distorting facts.

Essentially speaking, this depicts that the civil world considers the baby blood as a detail when it comes to Israel.

Deriving all its justification of its existence and reference completely from a Zionist-Jewish interpretation of the Bible, Israel regards a line in the Bible as a deed for its own possession of any piece of land in the territory. Imagine, what happens if the other members of a religion counter-argue in the same way?

However, when it comes to Israel, secularism is also a detail. The pure existence of Israel is simply a big lie of the modern world, which claims to be secular. Secularism is an argument appealed to keep Muslim nations away from their identities or bonds to shackle them. The modern world wants Israel to always remain inviolable. What about France? The French authorities announced the prohibition of the support rally for Gaza that was anticipated to take place in Paris today. What? What happened to the protest right, demonstration right? Wasn"t it so sacred? Wasn"t it supposed to be unpreventable?

Do you remember what they were telling us during the Gezi events? The civil world! You considered the police crackdown on the protestors who vandalized, attacked around as a violation of freedom. Where are you, now? A demonstration via legal permission from the French authorities that was to take place in the middle of Paris has been prohibited. Is this the limit of your speech freedom? Or, is Israel your limit, which killed the kids playing games on the beach with their most innocent looks?

We are not really concerned with you anymore. We are not buying what they say. The so-called civil world, which lowered everything when it came to Israel"s interest, is responsible for all this crime and is a collaborator. After this moment, it has no credibility or cannot hold a fair position to complain about terrorism, democracy, human rights.


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