When the terrorists become secular, what is this conversation? - YASIN AKTAY

When the terrorists become secular, what is this conversation?

Yasin Börü had been killed by the masses, which had been trying to save Kobani and had been mobilized in order to draw the attention of the world to the humane tragedy in Kobani. This incident had occurred on the 7th of October; in other words, this is nothing new. For days, you must have already learnt all the details by heart. I wonder what kind of a help did these people, who had committed this violent murder by saying that the happenings in Kobani are a humane tragedy, and that the world, especially Turkey, should mobilize against ISIL,  manage to provide for Kobani?

The people who had committed this murder had already lost their humanity and they had moved out and away from humanity. Could there be a more dangerous and worse terror than the one they had committed? We never had a doubt that ISIL was a terrorist organization, which had slaughtered Islam’s essential values and had ravaged and manipulated them. However, isn’t it a murder in itself, when this murder network had suddenly started to be treated as a freedom fighter because of Kobani?

With this canniness of the organization, actually they had already extorted the “freedom fighter” value.

“Yasin Börü, who had been taken out from the apartment in which he had been cornered, had been killed heaps of times by not one, but rather, by a couple of people. He had been shot first, then stabbed, and then, as if this was not enough, was thrown to the stairwell from the third floor. At this moment, Yasin, who was assumed to be possibly dead after the damage he took from hitting the sides during his fall, was dragged outside, and outside his throat was slit. Then a car drove over him. Then his head was bashed with a stone. And, as if all of this was not enough, he was burned by means of throwing a Molotov cocktail over him. His corpse, along with his other two friends’ corpses, is unrecognizable. Even their closest relatives/friends could not identify their bodies from the tiniest clues.”

This style of killing is really weird. The people, who had taken out their grudge from a body that belongs to a person whom they don’t even know, don't find a single death sufficient for a person, and thus, they are killing that person repeatedly. The scenery reminds us of the extent of the violence in the formidable execution scene explained by the famous French history philosopher, Michel Foucalt, in his book named “The Rise of the Prison”, though, this scenery even exceeds Foucalt’s execution scene. In his execution scene, the punishment desire is focusing so intensely and violently on the body, that it transforms into ceaseless corporal torture, as if death was not sufficient to the body.

I remember what I had written years ago upon the cruel treatment being shown to the PKK corpses. No matter how you look at it, such torture to the body is a deviancy. (Beginner, militant social scientist, don’t get into a rage! First hear me out, I’m not calling Kurds “deviant”, rather I’m calling the ones that torture a body “deviants”: is it clear?) No matter who ever does that!

The fact that PKK members are doing more of the same thing they are complaining about, to other unrelated people with their fights, points out at one thing; there is no single ethical fragment in their fight. They love their own racism against the racism, which they claim to be exposed to. They are against cruelty, because it is being conducted on them; otherwise, they are not against cruelty at all. As long as they are conducting this cruelty on others, there is no problem. The self-protection units are deeming the treatments, which make JİTEM beg for mercy, to the Kurdish public, who had been exposed to JİTEM’s various treatments for years.

Yesterday, the Kurds, who had been exposed to JİTEM’s unidentified murders, kidnappings, extortions and oppressions, are now experiencing more intense versions of the same treatments from the KCK structure. What JİTEM had operated during the 90’s was also some kind of autonomy: in other words, being independent and lawless. At least they weren’t calling this “democratic”. (I don’t know if it’s being understood by the beginner militant social scientist, who attempts to label us with the “Kurdish hater” flag, we are talking against PKK here, not the Kurds.)

During the Kobani incidents, houses and work places, which had been specially chosen, had been attacked and houses were sabotaged and burnt. All of the identified targets were the houses and workplaces of people, who haven’t voted for HDP as a political attitude or who were against HDP.

Throughout the incidents, more than 40 people had been killed.

Two days ago, three Turkish soldiers, who were armless and dressed as civilians, had been dastardly killed at the center of the city by means of being shot in the back of their necks. Whom can this mentality save from who in Kobani?

On top of all of this, what is the message trying to be given in the Western press by frequently showing the images of women fighting at the PKK fronts? After all the ISIL news, are the secularity messages of open women, who are fighting with a gun in their hands, enough to clear PKK’s violence and terrorism?

If terrorism is accepted when it appears as a secular image, then it’s not terror that is objected, but simply and only the one conducting this terror. If violence and terror can be neglected when proved it is secular, which seems like the case, then it means that another mask of the face that is struggling with terror is falling off.

What or who is it behind the mask?

After all, the mask is not enough to cover these various faces.


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