Where is the Islamic World, and the resistance line against Zionism? - YASIN AKTAY

Where is the Islamic World, and the resistance line against Zionism?

LONDON. Year 2014, the hundredth centenary of WWI. All the issues we are experiencing in the Middle East today, are the results of this war. As a result of this war, the tribes, who all lived together on the Ottoman lands in a certain harmony, had been transformed into nation-states and thus the region had been shattered. Each piece had been shared as the influence area of the big European countries. Again, as a result of this war, Israel had been declared as a plan to dig themselves into the chest of the region like a dagger. In the course of implementing this plan, the Palestine community had been left without their lands, and an exile community had been created from a big community.

When any fire in the Middle East, which seems to be cooled off, flares up, Israel continues to deepen its invasion in the Palestinian lands, and continue to gain de facto benefits. Even though the UN decisions had taken a series of condemnatory and prohibitory decisions, Israel, who flouts the law, is continuing to setup new Jewish settlements in every case when the world is busy with them, and thus, continuing on straitening their siege around Jerusalem from all sides, and choking the Palestinians. While everybody is focused on stupidly watching the acrobat in Kobane, because of ISIL and its terror, by conducting the biggest insolence upon Mescid-i Aksa, the holy place of the Muslims, since 1967, Israel is, in a way, measuring the reaction. We can already guess what they had learned from this measurement. The leaders of the Islamic World, who are preparing and implementing coups against innocent Muslim communities in Libya, Egypt and Yemen, have no worries, troubles about Jerusalem. Of course, it is useless to expect the ones, who are doing things that are ruining the reputation of the Muslims, to raise their voice against Israel, who is raping their honor. After all, they are not the segments from which Israel is measuring the reactions. No matter what, the Islam World is in secure hands from their point of view. What happened to the resistance line of Iran, which they claim to protect against Zionism and they had put Assad in charge of?

Most likely, the reaction they are measuring is from Europe. The Palestine state, which had been recognized by Britain first, then Sweden and nowadays France is preparing to recognize, had made it necessary for Israel to be interested in finding out the limits of the reactions. We are in London because of a conference entitled “On the occasion of the 100th Centenary of World War I, the effects of the war on Palestine”, which had been organized by the Returning to Palestine Foundation in London. The conference will start tomorrow; however, since we had arrived in London, I’ve made speeches at the House of Lords, the House of Common, and also at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) meetings, in which parliamentarians, defense and security experts and many other invited people from other segments attended. Some of these meetings are closed, in which the Chatham House rule is applied. As for the others, they are open to public.

To whom does the ISIL and PYD difference make a difference to?

I can share with you some of the conversations that took place in the open one. I can especially say that Turkey’s position in the struggle against ISIL is being regarded of high importance. It seems that Turkey’s placing ISIL and PYD in the same bag is shocking some people. Because the point in question is suddenly putting PYD to a hero level since they are fighting against ISIL. Unfortunately, as we had mentioned before, PYD militants, who are a war and murder machine with their Kalashnikovs, are being presented like angels, as a sympathy matter, within the Western Press by means of putting forth the facts that they are only formed of women and their heads are open.

I can repeat what I had said in the meeting. The activities of PYD in Kobane and Rojava, are preventing us from seeing them less dangerous than ISIL. Since the beginning, in Rojava they had fought against the Free Syrian Army and also forced the Kurdish groups, who didn’t side with them, to migrate to Iraq Kurdistan region with the permission, authority and support they took from Assad. When we observe things from this point of view, PYD had conducted more things in Kobane than ISIL had done, and while they were doing this, nobody had even thought that a tragedy is starting there. According to the incoming news, it is apparent that ISIL’s terror is getting its main power from the Sunni Arabs, who are seeking revenge from Maliki, and the Kurdish, who are searching for revenge against PYD for what they had done.

The revenge pursuit will not legitimate people’s movements; on the contrary, it makes them more dangerous and easier to be controlled. ISIL and the powers behind it have found a really strong energy source, rather than the revenge anger that had been piled up for the past 11 years.

We all see how they are using this source at the moment. Is this energy endless? Of course not. However, it is not necessary to overlook the usage of this energy like this, and take steps that will mobilize it even more each passing day.


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