Age of digital imperialism and the West’s webs of chaos

10:18 . 12/01/2021 Tuesday

Yusuf Kaplan

Yusuf Kaplan has been a frequent contributor to Yeni Şafak for years, penning columns on a variety of topics for the daily
Yusuf Kaplan

Twitter suspended the social media account of the “the world’s most powerful man,” U.S. President Donald Trump!

Sounds like a joke but it is real!

Digital imperialism and the secret hand behind it have started to rear its ugly head.

But first, we must get one thing straight: Online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, which are provocatively called “social media,” but in reality, function as “a-social media,” were invented to further intensify social conflicts, and cause economic and political chaos.

All scientific and technological tools developed in the West do nothing other than intensify conflicts and wars.

It needs to be specifically reminded that this is not coincidental, and that it is the result of the philosophical foundations on which Western civilization is built. Hence, I would like to share with you a reviewed version of an article I wrote for this column five years ago.

The West drives countries into chaos, controlling them via Twitter

Presently, whether on a world scale or particularly in Turkey, as different social factions, we are constantly fighting each other on the web in the age of Twitter wars.

The vivid revolutions taking place in other countries of the world are Twitter revolutions. Countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, were first driven into social, economic and political turmoil, and then their administrations were destroyed. And all this was done through “a-social media,” including Twitter.

Latin American countries such as Brazil and Argentina take the lead among those most galvanized through Twitter. These countries are almost periodically staggered by social and political turmoil.

It will not be long before Twitter’s area of use spreads worldwide – perhaps within the next decade – and Twitter will become the sole platform where proxy wars are carried out throughout the world.

The use of Twitter in Turkey as the most effective tool for conflict and civil war, which drove the public to the verge of chaos, started with the Gezi Park coup attempt.

In summary, platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are currently strengthening the West’s unjust and tyrant hegemonies over the world, while fueling the fire of the turmoil named around the world as “Twitter revolutions.” Hence, in the literal sense of the word, it functions and serves as a war tool.

Meanwhile, the West prohibits sharing photos on Twitter

Western countries use Twitter to plunge into chaos countries that do not surrender to them as they wish, but when Western countries are in question, it is another story whatsoever!

For instance, the German government did not permit sharing any photographs on “a-social media,” and particularly on Twitter, concerning the terror event in Berlin. Similar prohibitions are frequently witnessed in France and other European countries.

Beyond serving as a communication tool, Twitter is now rather a war tool, which provokes social conflicts and turmoil, and is used to carry out perception operations.

Philosophical foundation leading to birth of Twitter: Western civilization based on conflict

Hold tight now: The use of Twitter as a tool for chaos and conflict is simply the trajectory and result of a much bigger problem.

The real danger, its philosophical dimension, has not even been realized.

As Western civilization is philosophically based on conflict, and all the tools it consequently developed and develops – especially technological tools – solely intensify conflicts and wars.

The philosophical foundation of Western civilization is based on dualism and “conflict”: There is a conflict between God and humanity, the body and soul, physics and metaphysics.

Yet, in our case, in the Islamic ideology, in stark contrast to conflict, compliance is in question. This is because Islam is based on oneness.

Age/web of ‘post-thought,’ ‘post-truth’

The vaporization of the mind and thought (episteme), and the prevalence of opinion and emotional reactions (doxa) is the current point Western civilization has led us all to through phenomena such as Twitter.

It is not possible to produce any idea on a platform limited to 140 characters (now 280 characters) anyway. Hence, the masses are reacting with their emotions only on Twitter.

Thus, Twitter is pushing us to the verge of a decaying and soulless world where thinking is over, where truth is no more, humanity with heart and soul are nowhere to be found, where only extreme reactions, aggressive forms are predominant, and conflicts are abundant.

In other words, Twitter is killing not only thinking and thought, but also physical reality and the truth. It is dooming humanity in the alluring, provocative, and seductive web of the “post-thought,” “post-truth” age.

End of democracy, and the victory of dromocracy ruled by the absolute fake!

The dromocracy of pleasures declares its victory while the world’s “rights regime” democracy evaporates into thin air.

However, we need to know openly and clearly that whoever talks about democracy is antiquated; they do not live in the present world and time. In an age where dromocracy, the regime of speed, pleasure and seductiveness is dominant, democracy has no say.

Moreover, in a dromocratic regime, we can no longer talk about the age, but only about a web, a massive web that allures and provokes the masses through perception operations.

In a nutshell: Twitter continues at full-throttle to increase the areas of both social and political conflict, while also facilitating Western efforts to shape the world by inventing new areas of war and conflict through the platform.

The age of digital imperialism comes to humanity at a hefty price, not only socially and politically but also philosophically and culturally: Humanity is losing the ability to think, with no trace left behind by physical reality, let alone the absolute truth. Virtually invented perceptions, extreme emotions allow the absolute fake to direct and shape our lives.

Twitter is dragging humanity toward a disaster in a world dominated by the absolute fake, a world in which even physical reality is evaporating, and conflicts are considered the norm.

Therefore, we must carefully contemplate “a-social medias” such as Twitter and Facebook, which have turned our lives, minds and emotions upside down.

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