Can't this Muslim community make its own constitution? - YUSUF KAPLAN

Can't this Muslim community make its own constitution?

A constitution is a social agreement. This community was not able to make a constitution. Constitutions imported from France, Switzerland and fascist Italy were imposed on this community. They still do not want to allow this community to make a constitution. This is one of the reasons for the terror we are experiencing and the siege from both inside and outside.

One of our most basic problems in Turkey is explaining a matter not as it is, but in reverse order, jumping hurdles to get to the point, through deception. You can call this two-facedness and even hypocrisy.

We are not honest. We do not want anybody else to be honest, either. We believe that honest people will make things difficult.

There is no linear relationship between the constitution and Islam in Turkey that complement one another; on the contrary, there is a non-relationship, one that pushes the other away.

For example, even the mention of Islam in the same sentence with constitution makes people uneasy.


It is because each one of the writers and household troops of almost all tyrannical, two-faced, hypocritical opportunists suffering from the “mindless mind” disease, can write an article or headline thinking, “so you dared to say this?” and start a primitive attack. Because these are men who have an issue and in fact a battle with conscience, religion and faith.

Secondly, mentioning Islam and the constitution in the same sentence may lead some to try and save face thinking, “Is it the time and place for this now? Let us not upset the apple-cart.” But by doing this, these people will be postponing once more the fundamental problem in Turkey, what good Turkey is for Islam, why we push around and belittle Islam, why we are fighting to distance it from the state and people's lives.

If we are not going to discuss the broken ties between constitution and Islam, Turkey and Islam, the inexplicability of why it broke, the non-relationship problem now, at a time when a new constitution is being made, then when are we going to discuss it?

Those who say, “Let's get this constitution out of the way, then we can talk,” are the people in this country who are always used to being beaten and pushed around.

Everyone, ranging from the most atheist to the most secular, from the most religious to the non-Muslim, should talk and state their own demands, sensitivities and priorities before the constitution is created.

However, the real burning truth in this country which we skip is: The constitution is made by the people. The constitution is the essence and summary of the community's fundamental values, its worldview, viewpoints and meaning.

So, is Turkey like this?


The constitutions made in Turkey have created a society that has a problematic relationship with Islam, that has no history, whose understanding of civilization has been destroyed, horizon tightened, is a newcomer, has no roots and that is trying to be “degenerate.”

They have been partially successful, but their efforts to distance the community from Islam have backfired.

This community has remembered that it is Muslim and when it saw that Islam is being distanced from every facet of life in the country at a speed and courage not possible by the colonialist West, it said “stop” and started to intervene. Yet it is very hard to say how meaningful and effective this intervention is.

But one thing is for sure: This community was taken captive from the inside through constitutions and its ties with Islam were tried to be broken through constitutions. The headscarf ban was the worst, most disgusting and primitive example of this. This country oppressed its own children to this extent, isn't that right?

It is beyond being comprehended and digested. This community will make its own constitution based on its view of the world and life, meaning and interpretation. Anything else is torture to the people and preventing the country from progressing.

Turkey's constitutions first removed Islam, Islamic claims from the constitution. By making this community give up Islamic claims they are trying to make it an unrecognizable, strange community with complexes, a caricature, a comedy of Westerners.

This needs to be stopped once and for all. This community must make its own constitution. No compromise should be made in this regard. This is a critical issue concerning Turkey's independence, freedom and future.



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