Mental occupation and social media terrorism!

13:22 . 27/11/2022 Pazar

Yusuf Kaplan

Yusuf Kaplan has been a frequent contributor to Yeni Şafak for years, penning columns on a variety of topics for the daily
Yusuf Kaplan

We are living in the age of digital civilization. Since the technology that produces digital civilization is dominated by Westerners, Westerners or dominant powers use digital media as a means of control and colonization.


I also drew attention to this  in my writings last week: As Stuart Hall, one of the brightest names of the School of Cultural Studies (and my Ph.D. advisor in England), has made a “revolution” in academia in the last half-century, breathing life into not only academic life but also intellectual life, “ The media are not essentially means of communication, but rather arenas for struggle and hegemony.”

These tools are not just media, they are both means and ends at the same time.

All digital media function as mediums and vehicles that occupy our minds and produce new cultural and intellectual struggles and forms of hegemony.

To put it briefly, the whole world is crossing the threshold of a process that we can call digital colonialism or digital imperialism.

It is not a uniform, direct domination world like the modern world, but a postmodern, insidious, hybrid world that develops polymorphic, multi-looking, indirect forms of domination.

That's why the world of digital civilization is a form of colonialism and imperialism that is seemingly an area of freedom, but in reality, pursued by seductive methods.

Digital civilization is crucifying the mind, producing a media terror through the empire of perceptions: Social media terror.

The other day, I shared a short tweet series from my social media account about the course of our education system, the young generation, and our country: I wrote that 70% of the 18-25 age group in our country are considering leaving the country, and this rate exceeds 95% for smarter children. I emphasized that the education system is mainly responsible, not the youth.

I was subjected to an incredible lynching attempt, insults, and cursing. However, what I wrote was a very vital issue that concerns all of us and the future of our country.


I posted a short Twitter thread on my account. I looked at the comments under the tweet: I couldn't believe what I saw!

The comments made under the tweet were troubling comments about the future, enough to show how the educated people of this country fell in love with their executioner and how they were mentally occupied.

That was the real disaster!

I've been writing about this disaster for years.

I'm not even typing?

I'm shouting!

Under the direction of some provocative, commissioned, externally funded social media outlets, the trolls launched a disgusting lynching campaign.

Of course, I'm not going to take them seriously. But there is terrible mental paralysis and moral decay: writing in Yeni Şafak is reason enough for you to be crucified!

There is a creepy mental eclipse: There is an atmosphere of terror on social media. No matter what sect they read, the country's most sincere people are assassinated with lies and slanders, only by creating false perceptions and images!

A sickening lynching campaign is carried out from real and fake accounts; The lynching teams formed are attacking the determined names, not only the individuals themselves, but also their families, values, and beliefs with disgusting language!

Most of them are organized! This is a form of lumpenization, shallowing and so-called struggle observed in all segments!

I always speak my mind an call things are they are. My cause is the truth, the rest is mere details, as I wrote constantly.

That's why I started my writing life with a focus on the decay, disintegration, and flattening caused by the distorted mentality change in our education, culture, and media life, which I see as Türkiye's most fundamental existential issues and even describe it as a national security problem, which emerged after two centuries of civilization crisis and dried our soul roots. I've been writing ever since. So I'm not writing anything new. Because these existential issues are the main reason why I started my writing and intellectual life.

I have written at every opportunity that sincere, constructive criticism is a sign of health, it opens the mind, destroys arrogance, makes people review themselves, what they have written, and what they do, and matures people, so every constructive criticism, no matter how harsh, deserves thanks.

But what happens to social media is not merely criticism, it's character assassination. It's social media terrorism!

That's it!

Taking legal measures for this is very vital in terms of protecting individual rights and freedoms and guaranteeing freedom of expression and thought.

I'm not one to defend censorship. What I am saying is that the most basic human rights, individual rights and freedoms, and freedom of belief, thought, and expression are guaranteed.

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Mental occupation and social media terrorism!
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