Moving towards a cyber one world nation...

YUSUF KAPLAN,  Friday 11:46, 16 August 2019

We are witnessing the collapse of nation-states – not only nation-states, but also the collapse of society, family, and finally humans as a species. What we are experiencing today is not a doomsday scenario but the harbingers of doomsday.

Yesterday, modern man challenged God; Today, machines challenge man

Globalization led to the elimination of boundaries: Economic boundaries disappeared; intellectual and cultural boundaries long started to be overcome. The mind had no limits, or rather, horizons would expand to the extent that the mind was able to overcome limits.

Karl Marx was right: What was obtrusive evaporated: Modernity’s strict rationalist work automatized life. The 19th century’s religion was capitalism. So, who was its God?

The machine.

The so-called consequence of freedom that first started with humanity becoming independence from God, then with its challenging God, resulted in the modern period, which a slave of the machine and vehicles, and in the post-modern period, which became the slave of emotions, desires and pleasures that could not be put off.

Modernity’s dream of freedom turned into the ghost of postmodernism’s liberation of slavery . Now, what is slavery of liberation? It is one becoming the slave of speed, pleasure and seduction.

The victory of pornography: One’s loss of their capacity to hear and think. Losing one’s soul, giving free rein to heartlessness.

In the beginning, mankind had challenged God in the name of liberation. At the current point, machines are challenging humankind. Mankind is no longer present in the world of the future.

Virtual reality is more real than reality

The West had used force to make the world kneel.

Now, that force is the machine.

The machine is making the West, as a matter of fact, all of humanity, kneel before it.

We do not have the rough machine of the 19th century this time.

The smart machines of the virtual world are dominating our lives.

They are dominating us from the virtual world and doing it with virtual methods.

We are in the post-truth age now: Reality is no more. There is virtual reality.

Simulations. Virtual reality is more real than real reality.

This is exactly what Heidegger, the greatest thinker of our age, was warning about when he said, "The camera is a gun pointed at the viewer": Virtual reality, which was created through the camera, is going to eliminate reality itself.

And this will inevitably produce ontological violence: Violence is going to become an inevitable reality of life.

Victory Of Techno-Paganism

There are no more physical boundaries.

There is no more distinction between local and foreign.

The economy has synchronized: National economies are over or were ended.

All economic transactions, organizations, businesses are almost happening beyond borders.

Our life is dominated by virtual medias; they direct our lives; educational institutions have become relative. The best teacher now is virtual media, the teacher of teachers.

The mind, culture and dream world are now controlled from a single center: Los Angeles.

The world's Kaaba is Los Angeles now.

The world is now shaped from New York, London, or Brussels; the world is shaped from Los Angeles.

Modernity is over. Modernity was based on high culture, the bourgeois culture. It was national and hence universal to the extent that it was national.

Now that obtrusive high culture has evaporated, popular culture has taken over.

Modernity's high culture addressed the mind; it was actually the name of aesthetic, mental pleasure. That is why it had emerged as a branch of philosophy, hence mental activity.

The popular culture of postmodernism crucified the mind; it replaced perception and the mind. The empire of perceptions is turning humanity into the slave of speed, pleasure, desires, seduction and "pornography."

Welcome to the age of techno-paganism.

Welcome to the soulless, pagan life that has crucified reality, the mind, turned humanity into the slave of the base pleasures, condemned it to shallowness, the surface, anti-humanity, anti-reality of popular culture.

Whoever produces life rules, directs and shapes the world.

They are now shaping life, our pleasures, mindset, thoughts, and our tastes from a single center: Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is not only the epicenter of film and music culture.

It is also the capital of entertainment culture, digital culture.

Life and all virtual needs necessary to sustain life are produced in Los Angeles.

The world is ruled from Los Angeles. Like I said: Whoever produces, shapes life; they are the ones who rule and shape the world.

Towards a cyber one world state

There is a single world: the virtual world. It is the domination of the world of post-truth, in which humankind lives with machines, a world that is automatized by turning people into a half-human, half-machine "cyborg," where they have become soulless, and a world in which speed, pleasure and seduction are sanctified. This is a one world state in which absolute truth is replaced by absolute falsity; the virtually developed one world state evaporates all cultural, national, religious forms of belong, the neo-liberal lords of capitalism that turn into Adam Smith's "secret hand" confining such forms of belonging to the world of virtual realities and numbing the masses to easily take control over them, and thus, turns humanity, which they formed as they wished, into the slave of virtually developed truths.

We are moving toward a cyber one world nation in which cultural belonging, genders, all universal values that make humans human evaporate, and global lords can more easily rearrange the world.

What is this?

If it continues this way, it will be the disaster of humanity.

Of course it will not go on like this.

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