Mr. Borrell! Don’t try to scare Turkey, Muslims with the Ottomans!

The coronavirus pandemic is going to completely disrupt the world’s balances. Power balances are going to shift. Power centers are going to change. The world is also going to change its orbit.

The economic crisis that the coronavirus will cause globally, particularly in the West, is going to lead Western hegemony to experience a great tremor, and perhaps bring on its destruction.

The post-coronavirus period might turn out to be the beginning of the end of Western hegemony.

Hence, the West is already plagued by fear. European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell Fontelles’ statements saying that certain empires are returning, including Turkey, China and Russia, are a striking indication of this. Thus, it deserves some attention.

In my previous article I attempted to explicate that Borrell’s warning, which comes as modernity has been dragged to the verge of chaos as a result of the crisis it has been experiencing for at least the last half century, is being considered as the collapse of Western hegemony and how this situation is scaring the West.

In this article, I am going to attempt to demonstrate how the West intends to create an “Ottoman specter” in order to develop an identity for themselves and, most importantly, scare the world, Muslims, and Turkey – the children of the Ottomans – with the false “expansionist imperialist” image they invented called neo-Ottomanism.

Neo-Colonialism Is Based On Mental Invasion!

Classical colonialism was based on physical invasion. Today, however, neo-colonialism is based on a mental invasion.

In the past, during the classic colonialism era, the imperialist West would directly invade their targeted areas once they consolidated a certain degree of physical power. In this day and age, particularly in the post-colonial era, they first invade minds, not lands, and they do this not directly but indirectly!

Imperialists no longer dominate the world, lands and countries via invasion. They establish their domain by first embarking on an invasion of the mind. Eventually, if necessary, if they feel the need to do so, that is when they physically invade lands as well.

This is epistemic slavery; it is the way colonialism is practiced and sovereignty is established in our age. There is one very important discrepancy between classical colonialism and epistemic slavery: Colonialists now ensure their interlocutors submission by employing the Stockholm Syndrome.

They no longer establish hegemony through logic or persuasion. They establish hegemony by seducing them through perception, by making them fall in love with their executor, and assuming position as the masters and directors of our minds.

Perception has crucified the mind.

Reality has been replaced by images, which have become more real than reality itself. Reality has been reduced to images. Now, image is the truth.

In the age of the empire of perception, they first place you in a certain position, then pigeon-hole you within a definition that has no relevance or relation to you!

Furthermore, in its relations with other civilizations, the West always builds a perception and then presents it as the truth. Western hegemony was established on fictional, false pretenses. It owes this especially to the concept of the “other,” the perception of the other. The perception of the other was invented, but it is an “evil other.” It identifies itself in comparison to this invented other, this evil other, and tries to legitimize its unjust hegemony as well as all the injustices it commits by inventing a brutal, bloodsucking other.

Turning Arabs against Turkey, and Turks against the Ottoman Empire!

In his “empires are coming back” statement, Borrell complains of Turkey, Russia, and China’s return, but what they really fear is Turkey waking up from its “century-long slumber” and recovering, helping its region recover, and building a Turkey orbit and rising again to the level of superpowers making history in the upcoming period!

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan mentioning in his “century-long awakening” statement the previous day that Turkey has civilization claim is pleasing. This means that the ideas we have been expressing for years will materialize.

It should be reiterated that President Erdoğan needs to act astutely and determinedly regarding this matter.

Borrell sees that Turkey is about to wake up from its century-long slumber, girded with its civilization claims, and is thus trying to scare the world, Muslims, as well as us, the children of the Ottomans, with the Ottoman Empire!

He is trying to scare the world, the Arab world and Turkey with an expansionist, imperialist Ottoman specter that never existed in history, which they call neo-Ottomanism and was only invented by the West.

Does Borrell have any “takers”?

Of course he does!

The intelligentsia in the West and the pro-West, the slave-spirited intelligentsia in the Islamic world, who are both physical and mental satellites of the West, are people who will easily rise to the bait in Borrell’s perception operation aimed to frighten the world with the Ottomans!

The Ottoman Empire was never imperialist. It did have an imperial vision, but the Ottoman Empire was never an imperialist, colonialist, bloodsucking power on the three continents it reigned over; it never exploited the lands it controlled, destroyed cultures, or skinned people like Western imperialists did!

Both the West and the Ottomans reigned over three continents within the same time period. But with one difference: The West dominated using weapons and power, while the Ottomans did so with justice and the power of their ideas.

Borrell, a child of the imperialist West, should refrain from creating such an image, from developing the “Ottomans are imperialist” perception, and scaring the world, the Muslim world, the Arab world and Turkey’s secular groups with the false, invented images of the “imperialist Ottomans”!

He should first take a good look in the mirror!

It will show him that it is just the Europeans, themselves, who are the bloody, terrifying, bloodsucking imperialists who skin humanity and loot their resources!

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Mr. Borrell! Don’t try to scare Turkey, Muslims with the Ottomans!
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