Secularism enslaved the Middle East, Islam will free it once again

YUSUF KAPLAN,  Friday 10:00, 28 October 2016
Feridun Sinirlioğlu, in summary, said, “Secularism will save the Middle East.” This made me hit the roof!

This is not just a strategically improvident statement. To put it mildly, this statement is very annoying!

Yet, secularism is what enslaved the Middle East!

They enslaved the Muslim world through secularism

The Westerners, especially the British, first overthrew the Ottoman Empire; they pulled the Balkans, Caucasus and the Middle East into pieces with the “divide, tear to pieces and administer” strategy. They drew artificial borders, and created artificial tribal states. Artificial problems were created and then following World War II, during the Postcolonial era, they deployed secular-dictator puppets into the lands that belonged to the Ottoman Empire.

We need to go beyond the ordinary here: The governments in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries are not Islamic governments. The governments are under the rule of one tribal leader, who serves the West and makes the natural resources of these lands readily available for these Western imperialists. The enslaved governments that are especially under the rule of the British and the Jews oppress all Islamic activities, demolish them in an attempt to prevent the Muslim-community (Ummah) identity the imperialists are threatened by. These secularist governments are all puppets that belong to the West.

Sinirlioğlu and other officials in government should know: Gulf countries look like Islamic countries, but in reality are secularist, tribal governments that are controlled through dictatorship.

The Baathists and its derivatives, who are strictly secularist, have been tyrannizing their own people for half a century, while countries like Egypt, Libya, Syria and Algeria are administered by a single dictator who is idolized.

While this is the reality, statements like “the Middle East will be saved by secularism” will only help play into the hands of the imperialists and will end up in only pushing aside this issue of the Muslim world being enslaved by the West for two centuries.

We cannot do this!

Turkey is the last country to do something like this!

Critical realities that should not be ignored

There are a few vital points that should not be ignored.

Firstly, the statement that secularism will guarantee freedom for the Muslim world, is nothing but a fairytale.

As emphasized earlier, the Muslim world appears Islamic, but in reality is an oppressive tribal dictatorship that suffers in the hands of the Western-made secularist dictatorships for more than a century.

Secondly, why don't we want to see that secularism is created for a few countries like Korea (who aren't Muslim) and the Muslim world?

Thirdly, secularism, which dominates nearly the entire West, has been debated in the West under the titles post-secularism and post-laicism for decades now.

Because shallowness is a problem. Our biggest problem is shallowness.

Humanity will be saved not by secularism but Islam's justice, fairness and compassion

Fourthly, secularism, which sees life as consisting of this world and the physical truth alone turned life in the West into a desert; it turned humans into the slaves of vehicles, speed, pleasure and temptation. It created a selfish, inhumane and soulless world in which non-religious sanctities spread like mushrooms, and fake religions and idols function like gods.

Everyone since Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger and Weber have been debating how secularism has enslaved man to tools, speed and temptation instead of giving it freedom.

Therefore, we need to pull ourselves together and realize that it was the Ottoman experience that offered a peaceful living environment to different groups, religions, cultures and ethnicities all living under one roof for six centuries.

At least we should think of why renowned Western authors and thinkers have been saying, “The Ottomans are the future of humanity” and “We can only be saved by the Ottoman spirit!”

In summary, in a time in which secularism is being debated in the West, we should sit and work on the intellectual means needed to go on a journey that will free humanity and distribute justice, compassion and reality as universal values to the world.

Secularism is a leash put around the Muslim world and Turkey's neck. Secularism is a straitjacket that ruined the Muslim world in many ways, enslaving their minds, and wasting their natural resources.

The Muslim world will only be freed when it takes this straitjacket off and sets off on the path of Islamic values and civilization.

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