The Muslim world needs a superpower

A caliphate is an Islamic state. It is a supra-national umbrella formation that emerged as a result the free will of Muslims and also that which guarantees their unity, that is expected to resolve their regional and global issues.

A caliphate is a multilateral, multilayered, multifunctional institution that not only has a political dimension but also an administrative, economic, cultural and intellectual one. From time to time, it takes on religious dimensions as well.

A caliphate can execute its provisions only where property, freedom of thought, religion, generation, life can be guaranteed at the maximum scale, where these can be protected, namely a place where dar al-Islam (Muslim regions) is sovereign.


There can be no caliphate where there is no dar al-Islam. Dar al-Islam is the house of peace, the land of Islam, but it is not a place where solely Muslims live. Dar al-Islam is where Islam is sovereign, and a realm where peace, law, and justice is established not only for Muslims but also people who have adopted faiths, ideologies, and philosophies other than Islam.

There are two important examples in Islamic history in which the caliphate protects and guarantees the regional and global rights of both Muslims and members of other faiths across borders: The first is al-asr al-saada (the Age of Bliss, refers to the prophetic era of Islam); the second is the Ottoman caliphate.

A caliphate cannot be implemented where dar al-Islam is non-existent. Only in places where Islam is sovereign, thus where Muslims are free and independent, where they can decide their own fate with their own free will is a land of peace. Only in such places can a caliphate be enforced.

Dar al-Islam has been under invasion for the last two centuries; the Islamic world is both mentally and physically enslaved.

Imperialists are not invading the Islamic world as they explicitly did during the colonization period. They have remote control via their puppets, their satellites, and are exploiting all the resources of the Muslim world. They are mentally enslaving the masses. The masses’ minds in the Islamic world are under invasion similar to the rest of the world; humanity as a whole is the voluntary slave of the secular Western culture.

Can a caliphate be declared in an atmosphere in which the Muslim world is enslaved and physically and mentally shackled?

Who; which power or actor is going to declare such a caliphate and on whose behalf? Is this going to be a caliphate that encompasses all Muslims? Is it possible?

A caliphate to be declared in a time frame in which the Muslim world has been both mentally and physically enslaved for two centuries can be nothing other than being a slave to imperialists.

A look at such formations in the Muslim world will suffice: for example, what is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) good for? It is enslaved by global powers. Is it not? When considered as a preliminary effort in establishing a caliphate, an institution that needs to make decisions which will ensure the unity, peace, and integrity of the Islamic world failing to lead any great initiative, indicates that it is a controlled formation. Does it not?

To think that a caliphate established under these conditions will be independent of the control of imperialist powers, one must be a fool.

Surely, the Islamic world’s unity is the goal of Muslims. It is obligatory upon every individual to fulfill their duty to achieve this.

In a period where the Islamic world is not free and independent, a caliphate would turn into a so-called legitimate tool for Imperialists to more easily take control of the Muslim world.

Lastly, let it be known that the caliphate project is a British project; they are using certain individuals and formations in the Islamic world.


The Muslim world needs not a caliphate but a superpower during the transition period.

The foundations of a civilization breakthrough that will ensure the Muslim world’s independence in the true sense can only be laid with a superpower’s historical depth, intellectual wealth, and deep-seated confidence that will enable it to walk into the future with firm steps.

A superpower will know that the decisions it enforces will make an impact beyond its own borders; and as it is naturally going to assume position as the Muslim world’s leader, it is going to function as a founding and protective actor that will lead to mental, physical and spiritual journeys to ensure the unity of the Muslim world.

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The Muslim world needs a superpower
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