The world's Jewish question

YUSUF KAPLAN,  Saturday 12:33, 01 February 2020

Jews played a decisive role in the establishment of the modern world: Capitalism is as much the work of the Jews as it is the British. The whole world is also shaped by the Brits and Jews.

This is a big generalization; But this has been the landscape for two centuries when capitalism built a visible world hegemony!

TWO USA's: WASP and Jewish power

The two-century world system, in which modernity reached its peak and evolved into post-modernity, has two founding and protective actors: the British and the Jews.

The Industrial Revolution is, of course, the work of the British. The first two of Industry 4.0 (factory, iron and steel and electronic revolution) are basically British. The economic-political revolution and its output, which laid the foundations of capitalism, and therefore the model of its carrier "economic man,"were developed by the British.

The last two legs of Industry 4.0, the computer and digital revolutions, are the work of American Jews.

Here we are talking about two powers: The first is WASP, the Whites who founded the U.S., which stands for white-Anglo Saxon-protestant. These are the European invaders, robbers, rogue white colonialists, whose center occupies the American continent of British, Dutch, French, German, Scottish, Italian and Irish descent, and eradicated ancient native Indian cultures and civilizations from history.

These, for the past half century, have lost their influence over the U.S.. Trump is their representative.

The U.S. is now controlled by Jewish power!

The U.S. was occupied by Jewish power in all respects, especially after the Second World War, and has passed into the hands of the Jews across all its institutions. The American deep state, and "institutional order" are under the control of Jewish power!

U.S. finance, economy, banking system, universities, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Pentagon, the CIA, arms industry, soft-arms industry and media are under the monopoly of Jews!

Trump and his partners were brought to work to save the United States from this Jewish power.

Since Trump knew very well that the Jews were dominating the United States in all respects, he signed a barbaric document called "Deal of the Century", declaring that they recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in order not to face a tough impeachment and to secure the presidential elections.

What does this mean? Making concessions to the Jews means to bend the knee! The noose around the neck of the president of the “great” U.S. is in the hands of the Jews!

So will Trump be able to deal a blow to Jewish power in the U.S.?

If we take a closer look at the trajectory of the world and if all that’s taking place is read from a deep perspective, it can be seen that the answer to this question is “yes”. Jewish power, especially Jewish capital, has already begun to leave the U.S. and settle in China.

Jewish power, its god is power; The God of power basically takes the form of capital but can also manifest itself as strategy, politics, economy, technology.

Jewish power dominates the U.S. and rules the world with a handful of corporations!

Jewish power will force a doomsday on the world!

Jewish power enshrines nothing. For the sake of accuracy, it does hold a certain something as sacred, but we very well know it is not: A non-religious, pagan relic: Capital. Adam Smith's "secret hand" of liberalism has become the "secret hand" of Jewish power’s kingdom of capital.

Jewish power that has the world wrapped around its finger with capital!

The power that both invented and played the terrorist organizations and the puppets of tyrant regimes in the postmodern world, which was plotted through chaos, and this Jewish power worshiped with the god of capital!

In a world were capital is worshiped, of course then, a Darwinian law of the jugle will be enforced! All the global institutions established after the Second World War were established to consolidate and legitimize the Jews' power in the world, and by now gradually turn the ideal of "promised land", and sign barbarities that will turn the world into a living hell, especially our region.

Global institutions such as the United Nations, IMF, World Bank and NATO only serve to consolidate Jewish power.

When the late Erbakan drew attention to this Jewish danger, he was lynched, mocked and ridiculed, but he was right at that specific moment. it is now well understood how great a Muslim leader he was, never giving up screaming into deaf ears.

The world now has a Jewish problem: a Zionist threat that does not hesitate to light the fuse that will make the world a living hell by declaring/making Jerusalem the capital of Israel!

Jewish power both fools and enslaves the world with its Zionist mentality! A century and a half ago, the Jewish Question, which Marx had drawn attention to as a Jew in a completely different context, has reached extremely dangerous heights today, threatening the future of humanity.

If these extraordinary Jewish powers and Zionist plans cannot be stopped, the world will be forced into doomsday!

#Jewish Power
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