We will first follow a balance strategy, then determine the balances

YUSUF KAPLAN,  Friday 17:36, 12 August 2016
I was slammed when I said, "Ties with Russia cannot be cut off; Russia is the axis country. When we get in trouble with the West in the future, Turkey, so as not to be left all alone, needs to decrease its number of enemies and increase its number of allies, and to achieve this, following a balance strategy is required."

However, unfortunately both Syria and Turkic Republics are Russia's backyard. Hence, Russian influence in these countries is greater and deeper than we think.

This is why the Syria crisis is going to be solved and the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ), which almost led to the collapse of the Turkic Republics, is going to be eliminated only in the following period.

And finally, Turkey's path will be cleared!

The first great Islamic union was formed by the Seljuks-Ottomans through the ahlussunnah

Surely Turkey's long-term project needs to be the Islamic union project. The Islamic union might currently seem like a dream, but the sole key to provide peace, tranquility and calm to not only our country and region but also the world, is Islamic union.

Historical realities are the most tangible indications of this. Thanks to the seeds sown with Malikshah's leadership, his vizier Nizamalmulk's foresight and Imam al-Ghazali's leading personality, an Islamic union was formed in a permanence, scale and horizon never before seen in the history of the three continents, in the geography of which we are at the center.

This spectacular joint union on all corners of the three continents by the Seljuks, Ghaznevids and Ayyubids, had laid the foundations of the greatest and longest lasting union in history.

Establishing the ahlussunnah backbone changed the history of humanity

This is a great civilization development made through the activation of the ahlussunnah backbone, brewed by the Seljuks and turned into a spirit by the Ottomans, that changed the history of not only Islam but the flow of the history of humanity.

This great civilization development started by the Seljuks and peaked with the Ottomans, for the first and last time in history, gifted peace and calm in the real sense to the three continents for a long period of about a thousand years. Most importantly, it made a great development that showed how different religions, cultures and civilizations can coexist without attempting to primitively – like the West – destroy civilizations.

I suggest our so-called intellectuals who today tell us that the only way for different cultures and religions to coexist is laicity, whose minds have turned into a trash can of superstitions and sense of history has been destroyed, to properly review this millennium-long civilization experience.

Laicity is a leash; we need a development like a milk-suckling soul from Medina

The most important thing that differentiates this millennium-long civilization experience that suckled milk in Medina that gets its essence from our prophet's Medina model from the Roman experience, China and India experiences and finally from the bloodthirsty secular Western civilization experience, which has been dominating the world for the last four centuries that has destroyed all civilizations, is that it is a spectacular spirit breakthrough that gives everybody the right to life, which feeds on all civilizations and feeds them all.

That is why nobody should impose on us the idea that “we need laicity to protect differences, laicity is a must.” This spectacular spirit breakthrough which is waiting to be rediscovered and developed through renewal should be looked at in depth.

And never forget, laicity is a leash tied around our necks to stop this people's millennium-long breakthrough.

We cannot achieve anything with laicity. If we insist on laicity, the only thing we would be doing is eliminate and dry the roots of the spirit offered by Islam that makes it possible to make history. As a result, we would be inventing artificial problems in this society and prevent this people from setting off on a historic walk.

Laicity is not an experience that belongs to us. It is an imported project brought from the outside, which has no response on these lands and one that is ruthlessly debated in the West. There is no example in history showing that history was made with imported projects.

First the wave is going to be broken, then the wave is going to be set

Yet, we need to be insightful. The Islamic world has not been independent for the last two centuries; it is a slave of the West. First Turkey needs to find its historical direction and the Islamic world needs to achieve its independence.

The question is, then, what needs to be done and how, in this transition period?

In short, first, a radical and universal history philosophy needs to be developed. The principle of such a history philosophy that I developed with sunnetullah (the rules of the universe governed by God) and sunnet al-rasulullah (the traditions of Prophet Muhammad) at the axis is:


First the wave is going to be broken and the pebbles need to be cleaned: This is the Mecca process. Then the wave is going to set and building blocks are going to be laid: This is the Medina process. Only after the two journeys have been completed can it be possible to make the civilization breakthrough and take the steps that will enable to Islamic world to unite.


Was balance strategy genius Sultan Abdülhamid a mandatary?

Neither Russia nor the West can be completely trusted, of course. But considering the relationship with Russia as mandatary is the result of a lack of insight.

Was Sultan Abdülhamid a mandatary?

He was a balance genius!

I am saying insight and foresight! Please be reasonable!


Turkey is a secular country. I am reiterating it: Secularism is a leash. That is why they have been putting this nation through hell for the last century. That is why we are fighting for freedom and the future - to be freed of all kinds of leashes.

We need to follow a balance strategy until Turkey is positioned on an Islamic direction and strengthened in every sense.

That is why the ties that are restored with Russia through the balance strategy will give us the chance to reach a position from which we can establish the balances that will shape our history in the medium term, as well as the region's and the world's history in the long term.


In short, those who blindly oppose what I just explained cannot be "intellectuals" - they can only be a "dark wedge" that blocks this country's way.



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