What's going on in Iran these days?

YUSUF KAPLAN,  Sunday 16:10, 25 September 2022

Are Westerners trying to overthrow the Iranian revolution because they hate the "Islamic regime" in Iran?

This is the most frequently asked question, but extremely wrong and tempting.

Why should Westerners hate the regime in Iran?

They want to besiege Türkiye, block the way for Türkiye to embark on a historical march again, by paving the way for Iran...

You all must be asking: "How so?", right?


You rightly ask: “Iran is getting involved, the footsteps of a new revolution that will almost overthrow the revolution are heard in Iran, but you still talk about clearing the way for Iran, siege, and blocking Türkiye! Isn't there a burning contradiction here?"

We must always be vigilant: The resettlement of Russians and Iranians in Iraq and Syria, with the invasion of Syria that started with the invasion of Iraq, continued with the global war in Syria and massacres in the country, is a great/dangerous strategy to encircle Türkiye in the long run.

I keep writing this tirelessly in this column.

When Iran stands up again, remembering the historical depth and civilization consciousness that Türkiye has built through the Ahl al-Sunnah Spine it represents, when it stands up and undertakes a great civilizational march, it will be the secret vanguard of the global system, placed in front of the Islamic world as a boil and an enforcer in front of Türkiye.

Of course, what I said has nothing to do with the blunt hostility to Iran.

Strategists in Türkiye kept saying that the global system always sees Iran as an enemy because they do not have the historical consciousness or civilization perspective to grasp the age-old games played through Iran.

It was an image, camouflaged: Iran was victimized by being targeted by the global system or Israel. Thus, it was ensured that the Islamic world first sympathized with Iran, and then Iran gradually invaded the Arabian peninsula.

Iran has actually invaded the Sunni world, from Iraq to Yemen. From Azerbaijan to Tajikistan to Kazakhstan and even Afghanistan, Iran mentally occupied the Sunni world.


Right now, Iran is getting stirred and meddled in.

Someone is operating in Iran.

I strongly oppose any civil or military coup d'etat in Iran by ignoring the will of the people, and we must oppose it.

Now you will rightly ask: “Well, you both say that the Westerners paved the way for Iran, and you also state that they are trying to stage a coup in Iran, that this is unacceptable. Is not there a contradiction here?"

Good question, but there is no contradiction, of course, but here a very fine tuning is given to Iran: No matter what happens, you will work with the men we want, the way we want. Otherwise, they may be saying to Iran that we can easily embroil the country in chaos.

Even this can be read as implicating Iran from within, making Iran a victim and paving the way for it to garner sympathy from the entire Islamic world.

Even if what happened in Iran may result in the end of the Iranian political regime (it is a possibility, but unlikely), the theo-political orientation and structuring carried out to encircle Iran and the Sunni world, especially Türkiye, will definitely continue.

In Egypt, one of the main actors of the Sunni world, the Brotherhood, who came to power with the will of the people, was overthrown by a coup, and its leader, the martyr Morsi, was murdered in front of the world's eyes in the middle of the court. In other words, the Sunni world was never even allowed to have a state in line with their own understanding, but Khomeini was put on a plane from Paris 44 years ago and a revolution was made in Tehran. It was aimed to constantly target this revolution, to make it a victim so that the entire Islamic world would sympathize with the Shiite Iranian regime, and most importantly, to establish the perception that Iran is the representative of the Islamic world, step by step.

Incredibly success in this regard was also achieved: Iran was touted as the only Islamic country that revolted against tyrants.

Nothing happened to the regime in Iran; On the contrary, the perception of the Iranian regime that Iran is the voice of the oppressed has been reinforced in an incredible way, both through victimization and by creating the image of the only country that revolts against tyrants, as it is constantly targeted.


However, it should now be understood what a shocking theopolitical and theo-strategic role Iran played not only in the massacre of more than a million civilians in Syria but also in clearing Syria from the Sunni population. In addition, it is very dangerous to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons step by step, while even the talk of nuclear technology is unbelievably prevented in Türkiye. the protector is finally placed in the position of the sole protector-guardian stronghold.

I think that the turmoil in Iran will strengthen the Iranian regime and that Iran's position in the global system will be legitimized by reforming Iran.

To understand whether all this will happen, I just remind you that while we were fighting the Crusaders, the Shiites fought with us. Shia had conquered all of North Africa as far as Morocco. What happened? While Salahaddin Ayyubi was struggling with the Crusaders, on the other hand, he chased the Shiites who were fighting us all the way to Tunisia to bring them to heel, he fought them there!

Westerners (I mean both the British and the Jews, specifically) know history better than we do, even our own history. We still learn our civilizational history from Westerners. That's why they know better than us how the Islamic world and Türkiye can be stopped.

We have to watch Iran closely. Because, in the upcoming period, the biggest danger in front of Türkiye in particular and the Islamic world, in general, will be the danger of Persian/Shiite expansionism...

All these things I have said do not require us to sever relations with Iran; on the contrary, it requires us to strengthen it more. Only in this way can we prevent Iran from being provoked and unleashed upon us by Westerners. 

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