20 suggestions for Erdoğan - YUSUF KAPLAN

20 suggestions for Erdoğan

1- Hire a team of wide-vision personnel, whose Islamic values are strong, corruptions should be clamped down on, and gangs should be cleaned out.

2- The education, culture and media, which are raising a ''scrappy'' generation that resets their relation with the Islam that solves the public, and by transforming our kids into the slaves of the banks'' consumption culture making them shallow and turning them into ''Mankurts'' (folkloric slaves), should be revolutionized. If these three revolutions are not done, then in 20 years we will be annihilated!

3- Lickspittle and impudent people should be cleaned out.

• On their right Hz. EBUBEKIR, who will ''pave the way'' and on their left Hz. ÖMER, who will ''remind the justice'', should be placed

4- A short, mid, long-termed future envisagement and road map, which grants everyone who are kneaded by Islamic principles the right to live and is related with our claims that are related with the civilization, should be determined.

5- The young generation is transforming into slaves of the consumption culture that is blessing speed and pleasure. A youth, whose Islamic consciousness is developed and has high self-confidence and is not hung-up, should be brought up.

6- Intellectual, cultural, artistic, social, political, economic and strategic building blocks, which will provide the formation of an Islamic Union, should be inlaid.

7- We had built cities without spirits. We had destroyed Ottoman cities, which form the most beautiful, aesthetic and equitable examples of the civilizations'' history; these good old cities are living in the Balkans, North Africa and Arabic world. TOKI monster should be annihilated; our POEM-CITIES should be resurrected!

8- A leading generation, who knows Arabic, English and Latin and puts their hearts to the TRUTH, and steps on the ISLAM with the fixed foot of the compass and opens up to the world with the mobile foot, should be brought up.

9- What makes the history is not the masses, but rather the leading generations, who are passengers of science, knowledge and reason and is the figurative of the perfect human being. If we can''t raise new Gazali, Arabi, Yunus, Sinan and Itris, then we will be annihilated!

10- A wide bored and global scaled, at least one, Islamic University should be established quickly. It should be able to compete with Ezher, Islamabad and the Saudis. ISTANBUL should once again become the CENTER OF ATTRACTION!

11- Existing Civilization University should be closed, and a new civilization university that is global scaled and will raise bright names worldwide should be established. EU, U.S.A, Russia, China, Indian, Hebrew, Turkish, Arabic world institutions and even universities should be opened.

12- A Koran University should be established; here worldwide pioneer studies should be conducted. Besides, Christian, Jewish, Buddhism, Hindu, Tao and Shintoism institutions should be opened.

13- Within the media, culture and art big projects, which will be forming close relations with the Western, Eastern and especially Islamic world, should be actualized.

14- Bulky TRT should be demolished; it should be re-established! In every aspect, TRT ''should be cleaned''! It should be given to bright people, whose only issue is the TRUTH. Massive projects, that will have worldwide resound, should be carried out.

15- Bulky MEB (Ministry of National Education) should be demolished! It should be re-established from head to toe, according to our civilization spirit and dynamics! A new ''Hasan Ali Yücel'', who will raise new generations under the light of our civilization principles, should be founded to establish our future.

16- Presidency of Religious Affairs should be demolished and re-established. The Presidency of Religious Affairs should take the leading role in the Balkans, Caucasus, Africa, Asia and Latin America! There, British supported Saudi (Suud)- rooted Salafi formations should be cleaned out!

17- Congregations should be strengthened. Also, congregations should subject themselves to a tight accounting and should spread to the whole world; century-scaled global projects should be developed. The seeds of truth should be planted to all the continents!

18- Super clever kids should be saved from the hands of Masonic networks! These kids should be given special treatment.

19- Bogaziçi, Bilkent and ODTÜ, which are being the volunteer agencies of other cultures, should be ''demolished'' and in their place pilot universities, which are similar to Ivy League universities in the U.S.A. that trace the American culture and world and try to develop an American spirit -- similar to our Nizamülk madrasahs -- and will raise our leading generations in the direction of our civilization claims, should be established!!

20- Maybe most importantly, the dissolver post-modern culture is spreading the shallow culture, pleasure, liking and life style to the world immediately. If we fail to raise a new generation, which will protect our children against this dissolver post-modern culture and whose Islamic precisions are advanced in the direction of our own civilization principles, then after two generations Islam can become the religion of minorities. I''m saying that never forget that if Islam ends, this community will be finished and wasted.



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