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A covert economic coup is being carried out against Turkey

When President Erdogan criticized the interest rate lobby, which was struggling to keep interest rates high, the interest lobby struck back. The exchange rate shot up. The American dollar jumped to 13.50 TL all of a sudden!

They are trying to make Turkey kneel before the big kingpins of the global system, the gatekeepers of the interest lobby!

It's not just about interest. It concerns Turkey's economic independence, the plan to create a regional economic bloc.

In the last quarter century, even for 30-odd years, they have turned the region into a bloodbath and redrawn all the maps. They have turned the Arab world into rags! They want to strangle the Islamic world!

They occupied every place that stood in their way, they overthrew every leader, they collapsed every country! Except Iran! They did not and will not touch Iran!

Pay no mind to the rhetoric of Western imperialists! Iran is the biggest secret ally of Westerners! The fact that they are putting Iran on the target board is the byproduct of a strategy that will lay the groundwork for Iran: They want Iran to react, scream and shout, thereby creating the perception that Iran stands for the dignity of Muslims, by making Iran into an oppressed victim!

A game of collusion is being played with Iran!

Westerners would never harm Iran. If they do, it would be like taking a saw to the branch they’re sitting on.

After Israel, Iran is a boil in the heart of the Islamic world, just like the Saudis.

By ostensibly targeting Iran, the Westerners are actually paving the way for Iran, and by turning them into victims, they try to create the impression that Iran represents for the Islamic world, and in time, try to turn this image into reality!


Sunnis are the backbone of the Islamic world. This will result in Sunnis being dealt a heavy blow, weakened,  and Shi'ism strengthened, the Islamic world never straightening itself up again and not being able to stand up on its own two feet.

The real target of the Westerners is not Iran, but Turkey,  their real enemy, because Turks have been shaping the fate of the Islamic world for millennia. 

The only way to bring a halt to the Islamic world’s rise and the only condition to prevent it from getting back on its own two  feet is to make it impossible or at least make it extremely difficult for Turkey to regroup around an Islamic trajectory.

There are several conditions for Turkey's recovery and recovery.

First of all, the protection of Turkey's unity, peace and brotherhood will make it easier for Turkey to stand up.

Secondly, Turkey's financial growth, especially in the defense industry, will repel the invasion and attacks against Turkey.

Thirdly, the spiritual empowerment of Turkey will enable it to present the world with the idea of a powerful and deep-rooted civilization that is rejuvenating.

During the twenty-year AK Party rule, Turkey succeeded in making its administration independent in economy-politics and saved the Turkish economy from being an one that is dependent on the IMF, the global financial organization that is akin to a vampire that sucks the blood of the countries it has ties with.

It also saved its foreign policy from being solely dependent on the West. It started to follow a multi-axial, multi-faceted foreign policy, and from time to time it managed to take project the image of a country that is capable of forming its own axis.


Every military operation we have carried out since the July 15 attack has been successful; As before, it did not result in a fiasco after the traitors within leaked intelligence and military intel to our enemies.

Turkey's real struggle for its future and independence actually began with the Euphrates Shield operation, which was carried out right after the failed July 15 coup attempt. For the first time, those in power began to hold the reins, albeit partially.

Moreover, Turkey took revolutionary steps in the defense industry throughout this period.

As it did elsewhere, the pandemic has negatively impacted the Turkish economy.

Especially the imperialist countries and their local networks, who took advantage of the pandemic, rolled up their sleeves to lay the groundwork for an environment in which they would create economic, then social and political chaos in Turkey.

There will not be a military coup threat in the foreseeable future in Turkey, there will be a social and economic coup.

There is a chilling opposition in Turkey eagerly waiting for the country's economy to hit rock bottom. May God not allow that to transpire.

The government must be constantly vigilant against such externally well-plotted games, and certain economic decisions must take the poor masses into consideration and not abandon them to fend for themselves.

It seems that there will be no military coup in Turkey at this stage. But what is becoming obvious is that they will carry out an economic and social coup. This is the real covert coup from within.

They want to turn life into a living hell and make it unlivable by covertly dragging the country into an environment of deep-seated chaos by setting exorbitant prices in every possible field, plotted by global organizations and their networks.

In this process, social media is being used as a battleground.

This is extremely dangerous indeed.


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