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A Muslim alliance of Turkey, Pakistan could stop Israel’s Palestinian massacre

The secular-capitalist global system is the work of two actors: The British and the Jews. 

The whole world is slave to these two players. 

Even though British power hasn’t greatly atrophied compared to the previous century, the Brits are the ones who formed the modern world’s strategic and historical depth. 


Israelis are the owners of the global system

The capitalist system was established by the British, but it was later taken over by the Jews after World War II and the Holocaust. 

Jews own the global system, but the British are its legacy, its black box. 

Israel owes its existence to the British. The British are the ones who had the Jewish state established in Palestine. Why did they do this, and in Palestine no less? 

The British are the founding fathers of the first two capitalist industrial revolutions (especially the factory, iron-steel revolution). Meanwhile, Jews in the U.S. are the founding fathers of the final two, which started with the electronic revolution and evolved into a digital revolution through the computer revolution! 



Why did Brits have Israel established? 


There are a few salient points why the British had the Israeli state established.

First, control over the developing capitalist system was slipping into the hands of the Jews in the U.S. as of the second half of the 19th century. This signified the beginning of the end for British hegemony over the world. 

The first harbinger of this was the deportation of the British (British capital) from the U.S. 

The English wanted to occupy Jews with the Israeli state established in Palestine in order to have deep influence over the capitalist system. They collapsed the strategic walls of the capitalist system one by one. 

Second, they deeply infiltrated the system by forging a good rapport with the Jews, who were striving to seize the global capitalist system. 

Third, they eliminated the biggest obstacle standing in the way of the global capitalist system: the Ottomans, together with the Jews, from the stage of history. 

Thus, Jewish power is firmly settled in the U.S. 

Brits’ sovereignty over the global system received a heavy blow. 

Since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948, Jews, who drove the British out of the U.S., struck a heavy blow on the steadfast British hegemony over the Arab world: first economically, then politically, and lastly economically in the last 70 years. As a matter of fact, they drove them out of the Arab world as well. 



Paving the way for Iran, disabling Turkey 

Furthermore, the British have control over critical countries in the region in many respects: It has partial control over Iran, but absolute control over Saudi Arabia and Egypt. 

Iran is actually an ally of Israel and the Jewish power in the U.S. If you fail to see that the discourse against Iran are developed only to pave its path, then you will fail to correctly interpret any of the problems in the region. 

Israel, the Jewish power in the U.S., and Europe are all striving to disable Turkey, the strongest historical representative of the ahlus-sunnah backbone, Western civilization’s most feared enemy. They are all striving to destroy the leadership Turkey gained with President Erdogan’s objections to oppression, and elevate Israel to being the sole actor representing the Islamic world. 

They did not collapse the Khomeini regime, but they couldn’t tolerate the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt! 

Iran was always made to be the “savior” in Palestine.

The same scenario will be implemented again. Hamas’ leader solely and specifically thanked Iran in his Eid message! 

This is not a sectarian analysis. It is a strategic analysis. A sectarian analysis would not be prudent at a time the Muslim world is so devastated. Additionally, I have been reiterating for years that Turkey should maintain strong ties with Iran rather than push it into the arms of the West. 

The aim is to bring Iran forth, make it sovereign over the region, enslave the Muslim world’s backbone, the ahlus-sunnah, and disable it. 

Meanwhile, the Wahhabi Saudis cannot represent ahlus-sunnah. Thus, the Saudis were always used to victimize Iran; Saudi-based terrorist organizations were made to attack Iran, thus serving the interests of Tehran.



Strategic alliance between Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Qatar 


A major massacre is taking place in Palestine. Israel proved once more that it is a terrorist state. One-third of those slaughtered are children! 

This massacre must be stopped at once! 

Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt and Qatar are trying make a joint venture here. 

But this attempt, especially Turkey thawing ties with Egypt was enough to drive the leaders of the global system, and primarily Israel, completely mad. 

We must uphold our ties with Egypt: I have been saying this since the start. If ties are severed, joint strategies cannot be developed in the region, and great military, political, economic and cultural alliances that will drive out the imperialists cannot be formed. 

Thus, Israel and Western countries are pressuring Egypt – because Cairo is trying to forge relations with Turkey. 

Because that is when the plot will be foiled. 

That is when a heavy blow will be struck on Israel’s oppressive hegemony in the region. That is when Israel will be prevented from building controlled canton states. 

That is when Palestine will have room to breathe. 

This quadripartite cooperation effort must be turned into a strategic alliance, and this strategic alliance must take firm steps aimed at developing opportunities to cooperate in every field. 

This is the most permanent and reasonable way to stop the Palestinian massacre and break Israel’s force for now. 


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