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A new world will be established; Turkey to play a founding role

A new world is being established… We are rapidly advancing toward the end of the world we know: We are living the beginning of the end.

Humanity filled a century with unbelievable tragedies, massacres, invasions and tortures. Hence, the last century is called by Western historians, “the darkest century of humanity.” Hundreds of books have been published in the West under this title.

We will either be destroyed or come again…

If this timeframe is called the darkest century of humanity, then that means time has stopped there, right? It means a new era will begin, humanity will set off on a new quest and take off on a fresh journey.

In short: It means a new world is going to be established.

A century is named by the children of the civilization that made it “the darkest century of humanity.”

OK, but what does it show that in history such a civilization is still being glorified in societies that are on vacation, that have lost their way, societies that have been hit by metamorphosis that always live with a borrowed mind in a borrowed world?

The covert revelation of the truth that the borrowed world in which we live with borrowed minds is the fear that this world is going to come tumbling down one day, in the very near future, the concern of avoiding losing existing organizations, institutions, order and mechanism.

Societies that live in a borrowed world with borrowed minds are sooner or later doomed to destruction or have no choice in the end but to discover their own world.

Two fundamental problems

The point I will get to from here is critical: Since we do not live in our own world, we have difficulty in grasping the problems of the world we know, seeing that we have come to the end of the world and even if we do see it, we have trouble accepting this truth.

Hence, we are unable to see that a new world is being established. As the children of a civilization that made seven-eight centuries of the last 1,000-year history of humanity, we may play a key role once again in the establishment of a new world. The West sees it; that is why they are planning their entire century-long strategy on the Ottoman geography. They know better than us that once again, when we come they will leave, so they are making a ring of fire around us.

There are two fundamental problems we fail to grasp right at this point:

The first is the issue of where the world we live in is going.

The second is, the means we have in this critical period, but are not yet fully aware of and the burning question of how we can utilize these means again within the context of a civilization idea.

The British want to establish the new world through us

Let's start with the first problem: The global capitalist system that determined the last two centuries was established by the British – they were the ones who determined its codes. Hence, the world map is their work.

As I wrote before, the British established, in general the capitalist system and exclusively the US, together with the Jews. But after World War II the Jews dominated the US and pushed the British both out of the system and the US.

However, the British recovered in half a century and started to rapidly determine global maps through the central Islamic geography, which they know very well, and to fight to punish the Jews in the last quarter century.

At the point reached, they settled in the south of Turkey through terrorist organizations and are fighting to destroy the ahlussunnah backbone that forms the thousand-year backbone of the central Islamic geography.

They first set the terrorist organizations against the Shiites, thus paving the path for Iran: In the last 25 years, they were settled in Iran, Iraq and now Syria. They were settled in the Gulf region, in the Sinai Peninsula, all the way to Oman.

The goal in the short term is to speed up sectarian, clan and ethnic wars; in the medium term to draw the region's political, geographical and strategic maps; in the long term to place the building stones that lead to the Shiite-Sunni clash.

The desired result is to destroy the ahlussunnah backbone we built in the last thousand years and to make its shallow and dangerous Islamic understanding based on the khawarij logic of which they have been sowing the seeds for the last two centuries the backbone of Muslim communities. The goal is to eventually build a chaotic and hence, an easy-to-manage Islamic world in which tens of mock statelets are invented, with Shiite on one side and the khawarij on the other, with these two marginal tendencies raised to the backbone position, and an environment that will allow them to be in constant conflict.

In the past the British divided India, destroyed the Ottoman Empire and shaped the Malay Basin and Africa's east.

Now, they are going to shred all these basins into tiny slices. This way, Islam, the only power resisting against the global system, is going to be made to surrender.

Right at this period, Turkey needs to be surrounded from both the inside and outside and thrown to the brink of civil war. They could not achieve any success in terms of civil war until now. That is why they are closing in on Turkey from the outside.

Finally Turkey has taken a path it can determine the strategic balances

I have been repeating for months: Turkey must break this siege. A huge avalanche is coming at us and this avalanche is growing like a snowball.

Turkey may break this siege only by following a balance strategy. And the way to do this is by decreasing the number of enemies and increasing the number of allies. Ties with Russia and Egypt should not be cut. We need to follow a strategy to open a balancing field, not fight with the regional and global players.

I was attacked for saying these things. People attacked without knowing what is right or wrong. Now Turkey saw its mistake, turned back from this mistake and came to the point I said.

Let us not forget: You cannot set a wave without breaking the wave. We first tried to set the wave. That is how we made a mistake. Even if late, we turned from this mistake. Thank God we can see the land.

If we follow strategic genius Sultan Abdülhamid's balance strategy, we will be the ones to determine the balances in the medium and long terms. And that is when, God willing, we will play a founding role in the establishment of a new world.



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