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The monster in our hands and homes

That day passed like a nightmare in Turkey. Young Emine Bulut was brutally murdered and stabbed several times by her husband as her 10-year-old daughter cried out, “Mommy, please don’t die.”I did not watch the full footage available online. My heart ... more

Blood flowing from the skirts of the Himalayas: Kashmir

The imperialists are now trying to strike and divide Pakistan and drag it to chaos.Evil forces punished Pakistan for making the atom bomb, and reduced President Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq’s airplane to a cloud of dust.Then they put a damper on Pakistan beca... more

Moving towards a cyber one world nation...

We are witnessing the collapse of nation-states – not only nation-states, but also the collapse of society, family, and finally humans as a species. What we are experiencing today is not a doomsday scenario but the harbingers of doomsday. Yesterday, ... more

Turkey will forge its own path ...

As Turkey purchased the S-400 defense system from Russia, the U.S. administration, followed by servile EU countries, immediately began looking into imposing sanctions against Ankara.It was precisely on the anniversary of July 15th, upon the arrival o... more

If Turkey’s Muslim backbone collapses, so will Turkey!

I had ended my article Friday with the following, “The question we need to dwell on is not why we lost politically; it is the burning reality of why we failed to see the fact that by winning politically, we are losing spiritually.”The Justice and Dev... more

Beware of the blind spots in Turkey-Russia relations

Is Turkey a country capable of standing on its own feet?No. Is Turkey a country capable of determining its own fate?No. Are the ropes in Turkey pulle by the true children of this country?No. So, what does this all mean?Turkey’s fight for independence... more

Cyprus is now Turkey’s number one security issue

Turkey’s independence is possible through Cyprus.Find a map and look carefully from Athens to Alexandria. You will see that all the islands other than Cyprus belong to Greece, and if your eyes do not see clearly and you react as saying: “What the hel... more

Beware! They’re going to strike Turkey from Cyprus!

Are we aware that as the Republic of Turkey, for decades we have been following Cyprus policies, that are going to endanger both Turkey and Cyprus’s future without rhyme or reason?It seems that the upcoming years – as a matter of fact, the next decad... more


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