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We will stand tall, but always remain alert!

The West wants to first cause social chaos, then push the country to political instability and then cause economic rout.They cause everything to collapse, but couldn't manage to topple Turkey!We should remember and make sure we remind all of the foll... more

They are making Turkey shoot itself in the foot!

I am now certainly sure of one thing: The July 15 attack was aimed to totally destroy this people's Islamic existence, eradicate the spiritual roots that constitute the sole source of their civilization claim. And this attack is continuing at full th... more

Warning: The second round of July 15 is coming...

July 15 was not a coup attempt but instead an attack on Turkey. What kind of an attack was it and what was its purpose?This was an attack on Turkey's spiritual rising power! It was an attack that endeavored to destroy the possibilities of Turkey havi... more

The final war of liberty and independence started

The attack we came across on July 15 was more than a coup-terrorism kind of attack. It was an attempt to occupy Turkey. The people backing their national will, becoming legends by standing in front of tanks and the balance strategy that we have been ... more

No one can tell anyone to leave

I wrote a column titled "Türkiye'nin önündeki iki takoz: Batılılar ve Batıcılar" (The two obstacles stopping Turkey: The West and Westernists.” In it I said, “The West turned the three continents we built into a land of peace for six centuries into h... more

A new world will be established; Turkey to play a founding role

A new world is being established… We are rapidly advancing toward the end of the world we know: We are living the beginning of the end.Humanity filled a century with unbelievable tragedies, massacres, invasions and tortures. Hence, the last century i... more

If Turkey falls, hope will end... Balance strategy is a must!

Turkey is under multi-directional siege from both within and without for the last two centuries. This is no tale! It is the reality. It is our tragedy, which we cannot see or do not want to see that has turned into a comedy. Turkey's – somewhat – ope... more

Danger awaiting the world: The Europe problem

The British took a vote that would change the fate of the U.K. and Europe: They decided to leave Europe. London, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay in Europe, but the British said no. This is the picture in summary: This is the beginn... more


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