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We will either be destroyed or survive together...

The Muslim world is miserable: Blood and tears have been flooding in the last quarter century... This is the point to which we have come through the second civilization crisis, which has crumbled; the Muslim mentality which we have lived to the hilt/... more

Only Turkey can break the dirty 'mind games' of the evil powers!

Only Turkey can break the dirty “mind games” of the evil powers! First of all, an aphorism – which I've also shared on social media – that summarizes all our experiences and reveals the bigger picture; Senior Mind: Brits. Associate Mind: Israel – US... more

“You will have the same end!” message

In Egypt, coupist Sisi's spurious court sentenced Morsi to death! It has no grounds! There is, but as usual, as it has been observed in all the dictatorships, it is absolutely spurious! This is a political sentence for death. There is even no need to... more

Ottomans had been stopped; now Turkey is being 'hit'!

The global system is making their future calculations over Turkey. Turkey will determine the system's fate In other words, the distances, which Turkey will cover in middle and long term, will be designating the faith of the global system; If Turkey... more

'War' has been declared on Turkey!

Let me tell you what I'm going to say at the end of the column now; the Pope's “genocide” statement and the European Parliament's approval of this “genocide” is a declaration of an unnamed war against Turkey. We are going through a process where the ... more

The Westerners' infamy to 'speak' on behalf of others

Throughout the last 400 years, the Westerners had redefined and rewritten the history of, not only the Western communities, but also, the whole world's communities, according to their own point of view. Why? In order to reinforce their own interests ... more

The footsteps of the second Gezi incident!

Let me tell you what I'll say at the end of the article right from the beginning;For the last couple of days, there were some rehearsals for the 2nd Gezi incident! The “Alawite card” is being heated!There might be great provocations! Beware! Creepy ... more

The bridge of civilization built from Manas

We are in Kyrgyzstan for the Second Silk Road Civilizations Symposium organized in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan with a team from Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University. The symposium is organized between Sabahattin Zaim, Manas and Ahmet Yesevi Uni... more

The Moro expedition…

MANILA / PhilippinesI have been together with the IHH, or the Humanitarian Relief Foundation, team for about a week in order to make concrete steps to solve the question of Manila. Our team comprises four people. The other three friends of ours are P... more

Why are Ottomans the future of humanity?

We are at a breaking point in history. The world is pregnant with new outcomes. In the next half century, we are going to encounter a completely different world.For almost a century, the "kings of the world" have been Americans: the modern basic conc... more


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