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20 suggestions for Erdoğan

1- Hire a team of wide-vision personnel, whose Islamic values are strong, corruptions should be clamped down on, and gangs should be cleaned out.2- The education, culture and media, which are raising a ''scrappy'' generation that resets their relatio... more

From the besieged to the hopeful

Since 1908, the effective authority in Turkey has been the civil-army-bureaucracy. The spine for this type of bureaucracy is comprised of transformed, secularized components: their goal is to westernize and secularize the society by removing it from ... more

Lifeless people, people without lives

Disintegration of time; the result of the second industrial revolution, which we also call the Electronic Revolution.From Voice to Display, Colonialism to Schizophrenia and Paranoia…Musicologist Murray Schafer, makes a direct connection between colon... more

In order to blow a saintly spirit into history

I want to mention the last word of this article at the beginning: Palestinians are teaching all humanity what a noble thing it is to live as a Muslim. They are even sacrificing their kids.History does not concern the past but the future.History does ... more

What can oppressors bring to the world other than death?

A brutal power like Israel cannot make history, but ruin it. With Israel, principles get lost; being unprincipled dominates.You should not ruin principles, but the lack of principles my friends!The truth is like the sun. Just as the sun cannot be cov... more

Erdoğan raised the level, and the roof collapsed

The Prime Minister hit the jackpot. He did a great job. He touched on the state-nation distinction: this is the key point of the issue.What happened was : the Mother State is gone, the father state turned up.In this country, the nation has been beate... more

Finally, someone asked, "who are you?"

Erdogan began his presidential speech addressing the whole world with the chapter of Fateha from the Holy Quran. This is not a simple thing. This is the spark of a turning point, the sign of a sunrise. We are hearing the steps of Turkey''s advance t... more

The journey of life and truth in Pattani

Our IHH team''s humanitarian activity in Pattani is continuing with full speed. We have recently visited the ''Darussifa Orphanage'' which was established in the region of Narathiwat, in the Juju village with the sponsorship of Sule Yüksel Senle, Fu... more

You are a giant; the giant"s burden is huge!

Imagine that you are in a remote Asian country… It"s one of the Far East Asian countries similar to a distant point in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia or Malaysia. FEAR AND DREAD IN THEIR EYES, THE QURAN IN THEIR HANDS.Keep thinking… You"ve be... more

Notes from Thailand with Ramadan Spirit

The Muslims'' honor, one of the most pleasant and beautiful works in the last century, the Turkish NGO IHH ( Human Relief Foundation) is extending a helping hand to the oppressed in all parts of the world during this Ramadan, too. IHH, RECEIVING THE ... more

Ayşe Şasa: A pioneer, a film veteran and a milestone

A pioneer walked to her Lord: Ayse Sasa. She was not only a good scenarist. She was also a film veteran and a pioneer who led the way for the young and bright generations.A human being like a poemA pioneer like a poemAyse Sasa was an epitome personal... more

WARNING! The real danger is bigger and global

Let all us know this: The danger is not confined to Turkey; it"s bigger and more global than what we anticipated.I am writing this article and taking my life in my hands.The parallel network is going to foster the global system interests in the upcom... more


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