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World peace depends on Jerusalem

Israel’s merciless soldiers first attacked Palestinians praying the final Friday congregational prayer of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan at al-Aqsa Mosque. Then, Muslims flocked to Jerusalem. This raid neutralized the Israeli virus at Masjid al-Aq... more

Western civilization must also be saved from the Western threat!

The resurrection of anti-Islam and anti-Turkey sentiment in European countries is certainly interesting. Note: It is not “rising” but being resurrected! The West feels the need to concoct a fake enemy to deal with the large-scale crises that wil... more

Are Turkey and Egypt moving toward a strategic alliance?

Turkey is facing a major siege on land and at sea, while simultaneously making stunning and pre-emptive breakthroughs in the defense industry.Even though our milestones in defense are necessary to break the siege, they are insufficient. Breaking the ... more


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