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Jewish force in US is stupefying the world!

An incumbent American president was impeached on Wednesday for a second time. This is a first in American history. Sure, Donald Trump cannot be defended. He is a vulgar man! However, Trump’s vulgarity is the result of his rage regarding the loss of A... more

Age of digital imperialism and the West’s webs of chaos

Twitter suspended the social media account of the “the world’s most powerful man,” U.S. President Donald Trump!Sounds like a joke but it is real!Digital imperialism and the secret hand behind it have started to rear its ugly head.But first, we must g... more

A Trumpist coup or coup against Trump?

The presidential elections held in November 2020 drove the U.S. into complete ambiguity. Ever since the elections, Donald Trump has been claiming that the votes were stolen and that truly he had won the elections. With only two weeks left before his ... more


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