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Turkey's struggle to find its orbit

Turkey received three major existential blows in a century.First, it quit its civilization claims.Second, it lost its orbit because it quit its civilization claims.Third and most importantly, as a result of all this, it failed to see what happened to... more

You will not take Turkey lightly!

British Prime Minister Theresa May visit to Turkey immediately after her U.S. visit, followed a week later by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, are important.Why are they important?Because there are efforts to re-establish the power balances in the wo... more

Two-century-long British-Jewish influence will end

The constitutional amendment package passed with 339 “yes" votes. The two-century-long, British-Jewish-controlled, unionist, bureaucratic oligarchy that took over the state is going to end and the new Turkey that is going to take everybody under its ... more

Never without the Ottoman spirit

We first need to know that in this country, it is not the majority that dominates the minority but the wild minority that dominates the silent majority. This is going to end and that is why they cannot stand it.The tutelage of secular/oligarchic inst... more

We will stand tall, but always remain alert!

The West wants to first cause social chaos, then push the country to political instability and then cause economic rout.They cause everything to collapse, but couldn't manage to topple Turkey!We should remember and make sure we remind all of the foll... more


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