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Syria is being struck, but the aim is to siege Turkey

The U.S., U.K. and France attacked Syria with tomahawks.And on the night of Miraj too.“Chemical weapons” is an excuse, it is the Astana process that has been attacked. They are going to run the Geneva process. They openly said this anyway.It appears ... more

Are you with Turkey or against it?

Imperialists want, at all costs, to make Turkey kneel. The U.S. supplying a terrorist organization with 4,500 truckloads of weapons is not for nothing. Turkey is in a struggle of life and death. This is a long-term struggle for independence and th... more

A spectre of Europe haunting the world

The elections were held in Germany: The fascist party emerged from the elections threefold stronger. Fascism won the elections in Germany; not only the fascist party but the pro-fascism that has been spreading through Europe in waves. A couple of... more

The West is in a coma... Turkey is on the road...

We are going through a historic period. We have reached the threshold of the intersection:Either we will be or die. We will either exist or not. But we always were; we existed: As we existed so did the world; it breathed. The matter of life or death,... more

Beware! The US undermines Turkey, step by step

The Ottomans were thwarted; the biggest obstacle standing in the West’s way was eliminated. The newly established Turkey's hands and arms have been tied: New Turkey has declared that it entered the Western orbit; that it has no claims and has l... more

Don't say 'I'm free' before Jerusalem is liberated

Methodist actor Dustin Hoffman, one of Hollywood's shining stars, once said, "Humanity ceased to exist when Israel was established."What he said is true and summarizes the reality of the situation exceptionally well. The terrorist state Israel is clo... more

The coming political coup: A plan of chaos and halting Turkey

The July 15 coup and invasion attempt was a multi-faceted attack on Turkey's independence and future. This attack was repelled with epic and almost unprecedented resistance: This stoic public used their faith as a shield and dealt a huge blow to the... more


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