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Are the US and Russia conspiring against Turkey?

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s response to criticisms targeting the UN was interesting. Stating that the order and institutions established by the victors of World War II are still current, he noted that it is dangerous to criticize the established global system and its institutions. 

 Was this an unexpected reaction from Putin? 

 For those who interpret international relations using simple logic with the Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski effect, the answer is yes. However, for those who are able to deeply read between the lines of these relations, the answer, of course, is no! 



The current and dominant global system is almost a century old. 

The world is being shaped by an order and a mechanism that eliminated a major foreign/non-Western threat like the Ottoman Empire in World War I, and then eliminated a threat like Germany from within the European civilization post-World War II. 

Who were the victors of the two great wars? 

The British? Americans? The Russians? The Chinese? The French? Yes, they appeared to be the winners, but this was not really the case. 

The British were the only real victors of World War I. The only real victors of World War II were the “Americans”! I say “Americans,” but you can read this as “Jews.”  

The British took the lead in World War I, but the Jews got their vengeance in World War II, and settled deep into Germany, China and Russia! These countries’ economies, their intelligence, and even their state apparatuses to an extent, are under Jewish control!  

China’s arrival could bring balance to these forces’ – national – powers, but both the Jewish force and the British are underhandedly fighting each other in China for dominance. 

The more China settles into the global system, the more it will strive to eliminate the Jewish force influencing China. But how successful it will be remains a mystery.

China might be merciless, yet its arrival may be a controlled one, under both Jewish power and the British. At least for a while, perhaps half a century. But whether anything will remain of China in half a century, from its five-millennia-old culture is doubtful. 

This is connected to a salient point in terms of Turkey: Our relations with Russia are based on an extremely significant strategic balancing principle, which, despite everything, are going pretty well. 

However, I believe that we must always be cautious when it comes to Russia. A secret alliance between Russia and the U.S. is very likely! 

The current ruler of the global system since World War II has been the Jewish force! Particularly the one in the U.S., with its brain, money, and control over the media and weapons industry!  

The Jewish force has been concentrated in the U.S. for a century, and is further controlling the deep states in China, Russia, and Germany!  

There is no mention of the deep state in Turkey! What happened to the deep state in this country? Did it evaporate? No! It seems as though it has withdrawn – perhaps to return stronger! The “recruited network” in Turkey, which may be small, but big in terms of impact, has control over the entire country’s critical institutions, from education to culture, and art to foreign affairs! 


Turkey must remain on red alert!  

I want to draw your attention to a dangerous mobilization: The U.S. and France’s incredible armament of Greece. Two important NATO countries’ great military buildup in Dedeağaç (Alexandropouli), 45 kilometers from Turkey, cannot be overlooked! 

In a U.S. statement, it was claimed that such armoring was necessary against the Russian threat! This statement is completely untrue and misleading! 

Russia is not the target, Turkey is!

There is yet another horrific and unexpected likely development: If Turkey gets stuck in a bind – either economically or politically – the Russians may not hesitate to stab Turkey in the back! It may seem a long stretch, but it isn’t. The secret power that directs and has control over the U.S. and Russian deep states, may appear to be allied with Turkey, but in reality, it will not hesitate to stab Ankara in the back at the first sign of weakness! 

I would like to reiterate that we must never forget the burning truth that a secret alliance between the Russians and Americans against Turkey is extremely likely under the instructions of this deep secret power. 

Keeping in mind that the Ottoman Empire was driven to war with a similar plot and wiped out of history, we must be cautious and on alert against all sorts of secret alliances or schemes to snare us into a trap!


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