As long as the ‘Muslim world’ does not gather around Islam... - YUSUF KAPLAN

As long as the ‘Muslim world’ does not gather around Islam...

The “Muslim World,” which never seems to be able to gather around Islam, has come together in Istanbul.

Why have they come together? They gathered to discuss the issues of the “Muslim world.”

First of all, there are some basic existential issues the “Muslim world” needs to comprehend. It is not possible for the “Muslim world” to solve and permanently settle the issues without comprehending these issues.

Secondly, if the “Muslim world” does not gather around Islam, these meetings and organizations will be of no use at all. Are the previous summits not proof of this?

What are the basic existential issues that need to be comprehended?


Before I go on any further, I would have to say that the term “Muslim world” is problematic to start off with: There is no such place as the “Muslim world.” We are talking about a place in which Muslims live, a place which the colonizers have set borders for, a place that does not exist.

The “Muslim world” is not Islam's world; neither is it a world that has been formed by Islam. As I stressed above, it is a world shaped by the colonizers, a world whose borders were drawn by the colonizers, a world that has to act according to the terms of its colonizers. A world that has no world, a world that cannot live in its own world.

More importantly, this is an absurd world that is yet to realize that it is not living in its own world.

A brief look at the organizations established within this so-called “Muslim world” is enough to understand the extent of this absurdity.


For example the Arab Union Organization! What does this organization do? This organization is good for leaving every problem the Arabs have unsolved.


Because this organization was established by the global system to delude the Arab countries and thus keep them under control.

There are many similar organization in the “Muslim world.”

The Organization of Islamic Conference is the most useless of these organizations. Even the name is derogatory. The name alone states that Muslims are slaves, clumsy and miserable.

Thankfully this matter was noticed and thus the name was changed to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). In essence, this was just a signboard change.

Both the Organization of Islamic Conference and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation were useless when Muslims were suffering from invasions, inhumane torture and massacres.

Oh pardon me! It was useful: To show how incapable, unprotected and outcast they were. Even worse, these organizations have shown that imperialist powers use these organizations to successfully delude Muslims.

Recently another sloppy organization called the “Islamic Army” was added to these organizations! Who had this organization founded? Why was it founded? We do not have enough information as yet. However, we know that after so many useless organization experiences that this organization too will be used to distract Muslim societies for a while.


At a time when global tyrants are sprucing up the world with jungle laws and the unethicality of social Darwinism, one does not need to be a soothsayer to predict that the organization called the “Islamic Army” is going to have no chance to make and apply decisions.


Then what should be done? What will happen?

1- Firstly, the “Muslim world” needs to show a deep intellectual effort to understand what is going on in the world and the “Muslim world.”

Deep intellectual work needs to be carried out to uncover how concepts and institutions have been determined by the West since modern times.

Then, they should understand that this crisis the Muslims are suffering is the second greatest crisis that Muslims have suffered throughout history. It should be comprehended in every aspect that this nothing other than the burning reality that the Muslim mentality and Muslims' ground for living and existence, Muslims' reason for being, is being lost.

2- It should be recognized that the so-called “Muslim world's” geography is not independent.

3- Then, Muslim societies, groups and NGOs should examine the issues Muslims have, and then lay the foundations of a civilization idea, and then discuss the issues Muslims have.

4- Cooperation among Muslims on ideas, culture, art and media should be sped up and intensified.

5- Powerful ideas, youth, culture and art movements need to be developed and joint projects in media have to be engineered.


In sum... Muslims have to first evaluate the basic existential issues they have and then found the Muslim intellectual and Muslim base. Then they can take the road to a united Muslim society and form an ummah.

Otherwise, having meeting after meeting without being able to gather around Islam will not bring about any beneficial results.


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