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Can Turkic states stand up to Russian, American oppression?

On Saturday, I paid a visit to Yassıada (Democracy and Freedom Island) with 180 students from the Youth and Sports Ministry’s Istanbul branch, under the guidance of Director Durmuş Can.

The blood-chilling fictional trial

As the ferry approached the island, I felt my heart skip a beat as I imagined the tortures inflicted upon Turkey’s former president Adnan Menderes. I thought about the fictional trial that sentenced to death Menderes and his companions. As I set foot on the island, I was filled with rage,  fists clenched.

Then we descended upon the islands, anxious but excited. We looked from the island to Istanbul with sorrow, with rage, just as Menderes and his companions did every day. We were out of breath when we reached the court hall. That trial scene, that shameful moment of judgment came to life.

When I entered the hall and saw this fictional trial scene, completely reminiscent of a play, I could not believe my eyes. I relived those disgusting and horrific moments over and over again, just like Menderes, just like his companions. There is no doubt that everyone present in the hall watched the fictional trial unfold with rage and animosity.

Then, we watched a documentary of that horrific trial, that shameful charade, with the lead role played by Salim Başol.

We were all petrified at what we saw.

Following the film, I made a touching speech that lasted for about half an hour. It was applauded so fervently that I felt my short but effective address transform into a protest in contrast with the fictional court stage and the disgusting trial.

The Organization of the Turkic States is just the beginning!

The leaders of Turkic states and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as well as other state dignitaries, who accompanied them to Yassıada on Friday, must have experienced what we did on Saturday.

Friday’s meeting was a historic moment that afforded us the opportunity to shape the course of history.

At its close, it was announced to the world that the Organization of Turkic States had been established on the Island of Democracy and Freedom. I cannot begin to articulate the significance of such a historic step, both regionally and globally, having been taken in a place like Yassıada, which witnessed Turkey’s horrific coups.

This is a confrontation. In fact, it is a two-edged challenge!

Such a challenge being roared from Yassıada is, above all, a meaningful and shocking message to the Machiavellis carrying out coups in Turkey from abroad, and their puppets, who endorse these coups. It is a slap in the face for the coup plotters and their local collaborators!

No fear in confronting Russia, China and US oppression 

The Organization of Turkic States is, in a sense, a new D-8project: It is a historic development that will determine the Turkic world’s strategic priorities, and enable it to act as one when dealing with global problems, allowing it to determine the shape the world will take  post-Covid-19.  

Discussing how the Turkic states will gather – in fact, whether they can gather at all – is a waste of time at the current stage. This very meeting and the organization established is an achievement in itself. Above all, it is a sign that the relevant countries have no fear of confronting Russia, the U.S., and China's – increasing – oppression.   

The Turkic world must draw its own path. It must not experience the same disgrace as the Arab League; it must never be a controlled organization. This initiative must be the starting point of independence from the global system. It should be the start, the signal flare and harbinger of a new civilization odyssey.  

Seeds must be sown for that great civilization march, which will change the trajectory of history. 

Is this wishful thinking?

Even as a dream, it is pleasant, is it not? 

But this will not remain as just a dream. Similar to the past, it will shape the future of humanity. By God’s grace, we will gift humanity a new concept of civilization that will be predominantly just and peaceful. 


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