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Capitalism has a new home: China to be center of Capitalist Digital Civilization

We are going through extraordinary times. What we are experiencing are like doomsday scenes. The entire humanity, the whole world is enslaved to a virus!

Unbelievable, really!

It is like a monstrous power is making fun of the world! A devil, a satanic power is waving the finger at its opponent, to another satanic power!

But humanity is left to suffer all the consequences!

Who may have manufactured the virus and for whose benefit?

Could the Americans be attacking China?

The Chinese made such a claim from the very beginning.

In fact, they used “scientific” publications! When something is said to be “scientific,” it becomes indisputable! Especially those among us who appear to be Westernist but are but China-lovers in terms of mindset and lifestyle, in other words, epistemologically and ontologically, love talking about the so-called “scientific” publications Chinese official sources use to – supposedly – reveal that the U.S. is attacking China with coronavirus.

While our China-loving Maoist clowns show as reference the copies of the “scientific” publications that the Chinese checked themselves to spread the perception that the Chinese are being attacked by someone, and continue to be voluntary slaves of China, the ambassador to China declared on Turkish news broadcaster Habertürk that they have not encountered any coronavirus cases as of Wednesday.

I am aware that what I write here is going to disturb the pro-China circles. However, I do not know how I can explain to them that I am concerned about the truth only. I wonder if it will help if I said this much: Will it mean anything that I am a writer who has written articles during the Ergenekon case with tittles such as, “are we sure we are not being fooled?”, and showed the courage to publish on my column the letter sent by the Labor Party deputy chair who was in prison at the time?

Is coronavirus a biological weapon?

China taking under control – for the last couple of weeks – as the country most affected by the coronavirus epidemic, and even stopping the cases as of the point reached afterwards has, of course, been pleasing!

All well, but what does this mean?

Would it be an exaggeration to say the following: China invented the virus and spread it through one of its regions; it then applied strict quarantine on that region and in fact locked people in their homes by gun force; then, it spread the virus to the world, especially to Europe! Would it do such a thing? It certainly would! Mao’s revolution slaughtered millions of people, did it not!

The West would do it too! They are soulless!

Could China be teaching someone a lesson? Refer to the SARS virus for this: It is now openly accepted that the SARS virus was developed as a biological weapon. Two weeks ago, on dear Hülya Hökenek’s noon program on Habertürk, a professor – whose name I cannot recall right now – had said the SARS virus was invented as a biological weapon.

Additionally, the whole world knows that wars are being carried out with biological weapons, that the U.S., Europe, Russia, China, India and Israel are also the main countries that use biological weapons.

The terrifying fact that the virus can be used as a biological weapon should not be seen as a distant probability.

Western capitalism collapsing, eastern capitalism approaching

There is one fact that we know: The Jewish capital in the U.S. is starting to settle in China. The British and Jews who have seen China’s rise established deep relations with China.

The British established a long-term strategic relationship with the Silk Road project.

The Jews also long settled in China to keep control especially over the financial system.

It seems China is going to play a role similar to the role the U.S. has been playing for about a century.

The Jewish power and Anglo-Saxons are/were fighting in the U.S. The Jewish power won the war and chased the Anglo-Saxons out of the U.S.

The same story is being staged in China now.

I can easily say that the capitalist system is re-inventing itself by using Chinese communism as a stepping stone!

There is no longer a country called China; the Chinese spirit was destroyed with communism. China is now a slave of capitalism.

China blew up its 5,000-year-old colossal civilization experience with communism. China being used by capitalism this time should not be taken lightly.

A major fracture is taking place in capitalism, in the capitalist global system: Western capitalism is collapsing, Eastern capitalism is approaching.

This transformation is happening in two ways: Capitalism is changing place – it is leaving the West and settling in the East.

Capitalism is also changing meaning: The world is no longer going to be the world as we know it. People are openly going to be used as herds. They are going to build the capitalist digital civilization based on virtual reality through China. The big shutdown is coming.

What is this capitalist digital civilization and big shutdown? I am going to try and show it in my Sunday column.


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