Covid-19 was a Shakespearean tragedy, but the actual masquerade is yet to begin

YUSUF KAPLAN,  Saturday 09:54, 05 June 2021

We seem to have come to the conclusion of the coronavirus “charade.” An interesting report was published on The Daily Mail: The British newspaper says that the Covid-19 disease was produced in a lab in China.

Can the British be trusted? Are they deflecting? Or are they confessing? I guess we need a little more time to fully grasp this!

A very typical Western attitude indeed: They commit sensational murders, and when it's too late, they shed crocodile tears, not shying away from confessing!

A three-act Shakespearean tragedy: fear, mask, vaccine!

Alright then, what happened?

What we experienced was a Shakespearean tragedy in three acts: There was horror in the first act. Not fear of corona, but fear itself was spread all over the world...

The second act was staged as people abandoned life and fled from each other. People would cling onto life by wearing masks, keeping their distance from each other, and escaping life. Thus commanded the Fathers Who Hold the Keys to the Global Order!

It was like a musical comedy. From time to time, it was as if we were watching a Lisa Minelli movie... The performance of the actors and the blinding spotlights made us forget what we had been through... At times the song "New York, New York!", at others the opera "Wuhan Wuhan" brought down the house!

In the second act, fear that was induced during the first act was dismantled by segregating people from each other with masks and by turning away from “life”.

The third act was the climax where tragedy turns into comedy with the vaccine wars...

The catharsis had reached its peak: All the nations of the world were assigned their respective characters and the fictional story that was to be told. When the play is over, when the lights on stage are turned on, it finally will dawn on everyone that what took place or what was staged, was actually a “play”!

A very good stage was set for this. In this process, actors of great influence took to the stage virtually saying, “If you do not do this, this would happen; If you don't do that, then that is what would happen!” Like Bill Gates, who shouts orders and threatens; like the World Health Organization, which announces or sits on the numbers of cases, and spreads "disease" into the world by imposing one vaccine after another...

Well, what happened at the end of this three-act play?

The pantomime is not over yet: We are on tenterhooks, feeling our way on “stage”; we are in the midst of the final scene of the play, at the climax of this catharsis!

But we can see more or less, albeit in a hazy blur that the world as we know it has changed beyond recognition. Mask-wearing days are now over, but a huge masquerade is set to begin now...

The actual mask was corona: What truth was it hiding then?

They put the world, all of humanity, behind bars, which I had coined as the “corona prison”! Even in this prison, they ordered people not to touch one other! That didn’t suffice, and they made it mandatory to wear masks! Everyone would have a mask, there would be no walking around without one!

We were actually all walking around with masks prior to the pandemic. Albeit hidden ones. Now the masks have turned into literal ones!

The mask was hiding corona! The mask was actually corona: Humanity was undergoing an operation. The guinea pig of digital civilization was ready, the world would become the stage for the “corona play”...

How was artificial intelligence going to be employed? How were humans going to be turned into machines and how would they be disabled?

The economy? How can an economy be run with no money?

How can life be sustained with no human contact, keeping one’s distance?

The humanless world we witnessed was just the rehearsal stage for the soulless world to come.

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