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Danger awaiting the world: The Europe problem

The British took a vote that would change the fate of the U.K. and Europe: They decided to leave Europe. London, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay in Europe, but the British said no.

This is the picture in summary: This is the beginning of the end for the U.K. and Europe.


Karl Marx started the Communist Manifesto with, “There are dark clouds over Europe.” Nearly one and a half centuries have gone by and these dark clouds go and come over the skies of Europe...

These new “dark clouds” are seriously shocking Europe. Our world will be facing a new problem which it does not yet have a solution for: The Europe problem.

If the economic crisis that has started to spread from Greece to the U.K. and from France to Portugal is not prevented soon, and racism and Islamophobia turn into a wider-scale social and political disorder, then the “Europe problem” will no longer be Europe's problem alone and will affect the entire world, creating major disasters.

As Alain Touraine emphasizes in his inciting book titled “Founding Europe,” Europe is a continent of paradoxes: A geography of conflict and reconciliation.

History of humanity pursues a journey of ups and downs. But the journey Europe is going through concerns the whole world in the sense of its nature and cost: Because the “Europe problem” concerns both Europe and the whole world.


The economic crisis which is seen to affect the whole of Europe has started to transform into social and political crises: Islamophobia is at a rise from France to the Netherlands, from Germany to Austria and Italy: Racist Le Pen is on a rise. The racist Nationalist Party is on a rise in the U.K. Racism and Islamophobia are almost out of control in Austria and the Netherlands.

The seeming reason for the rise of racism in Europe is the economic crisis, but in reality the reason is Islamophobia.

Madam Le Pen in France says, “We are worried with Muslims overflowing into the streets out of mosques during Friday prayers.”

French politicians are talking about “exiling” Muslim immigrants out of France. This is not voiced only by Le Pen but others too.

Look at the children of the French Revolution, the enlightened ones, the ones calling out “Equality, freedom and brotherhood”!


Islamophobia is only the tip of the iceberg. Then there is the unseen real issue: The “Europe problem” will not drag Europe alone into chaos. As Europe has been perceived as the center for the world's main intellectual, political, social, financial notions, this “downfall” is going to lead to greater calamity in the world.

Europe, the center of conflict and reconciliation, will be the center of conflict only and will bring the whole world to the verge of conflict.

Therefore, in order to understand why the “Europe problem” will happen and ways to prevent it, and to prevent the dark clouds (mentioned by Marx) from covering the whole world, we need to understand Europe better: We seriously need to understand this in order to understand how Europeans will act in certain situations.

I will end this article with two burning observations:

First, Europe is a continent in which the disruptive spirit is more prominent than the creative spirit. There is a creativeness that is changing the historical flow of the world; but, this is a creativeness that has wiped out all civilizations in the past three decades in a destructive manner.

Second, Europe was founded from outside but has always been hit from within. Meaning, Europe was founded by “others” and has always been shattered by “its own.”

The current economic crisis in Europe will have effects that affect the whole world. Therefore in order to be prepared for a possible “Europe problem,” we have to know how Europe was founded (and demolished). This issue will be further elaborated in another article.


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