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Don't say 'I'm free' before Jerusalem is liberated

Methodist actor Dustin Hoffman, one of Hollywood's shining stars, once said, "Humanity ceased to exist when Israel was established."

What he said is true and summarizes the reality of the situation exceptionally well. 

The terrorist state Israel is closing down our first sanctuary. It is attacking our oppressed women, our innocent children. It is attacking Muslims' honor and dignity. Muslims are unable to do anything. They are watching. The world is unable to do anything. They are watching.

This is a state of degradation. It is not possible to live with such degradation. We cannot remain silent. 
Today, as Turkey, #KudüsiçinBeyazıttayız (We are at Beyazit for Jerusalem). 

Al-Aqsa could not pray for the first time in 50 years

Jerusalem is under invasion. Masjid al-Aqa is under attack every day and every night. 

Al-Aqsa could not pray for the first time in 50 years. 
First the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer was silenced, then attacks were carried out on al-Aqsa, one after the other, without any regard for women or children. 

Israel's despicable soldiers attacked little children with dogs. With dogs!

Israel has become extremely shameless. It has grown indifferent.

The Islamic world has been a slave for the past two centuries

Israel will grow indifferent, while Western imperialists will grow barbaric, and they will commit various atrocities in the Islamic world. This is now easily done, because there is no such place as an Islamic world. First of all this needs to be etched in our minds. 

The Islamic world has been a slave for the past two centuries. It lost its independence two centuries ago. It became the satellite of the West. Then it was divided into pieces and transformed into a living corpse; the Islamic world is now the living dead. 

Hence, here is no such thing as an Islamic world. Islam is not shaping the Islamic world; for the past two centuries the colonialist imperialists have been shaping it. Its borders are determined by the colonialist imperialists; it drifts to whichever direction the colonialist imperialists drag it
Israel's hell scenario 

Israel knows very well the wretched state of the Islamic world and is preparing for terrifying attacks that can be classified as a scenario of hell that will turn the entire region into purgatory. 

This is a scenario of purgatory that is deplorable and nefarious enough to pit Iran, Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia against one another. There is no state anywhere to be seen, there is a murder network.  

This is what they have been doing all throughout history. And what's the result? Hell and exile after exile. 

Israel is provoking the entire Muslim world through Jerusalem and exclusively through Masjid al-Aqsa. It sees how dispersed Muslims are, that they are too divided to come together, and is playing with fire. 

It is simultaneously bringing Muslims psychologically down and getting ready for huge attacks that will help them reach their true aims. 

We alone are capable of defeating Israel's barbaric acts and terrifying aims – like we did in the past, we can do it again in the future. I am saying, there isn't much time left, it's here. 

World peace will be achievable when Jerusalem is under Muslim administration

Yes, Jerusalem is under invasion, which is why bloodshed, tears and massacres don’t seem to come to an end.

Jerusalem is under invasion, but what about the state of Mecca and Medina? Are they safe? Not really. The Islamic capital Istanbul collapsed and in the same years and same time frame, we lost Jerusalem too. Mecca and Medina’s safety were threatened.

We were the only ones to protect Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem; for almost a millennium, as the Seljuks, Ayyubids and Ottomans; we were the ones shielding and protecting Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. We were the ones who gave humanity the gift of a sole universal civilization experience through which the members of the world’s diverse religions were able to live in peace and harmony,  within an order of justice, feeding on these three founding cities.

This is now a historical fact; whenever Jerusalem was under the administration of Muslims that is when it has been able to live in peace and comfort. Whenever Jerusalem left the hands of Muslims that is when it has turned into hell for all.

And today, for a century now, the world is witnessing the confirmation of this fact.

This is now an undebatable fact; peace around the entire world, not only in Palestine or the Arab or Islamic world, can only be achievable when Jerusalem is back under Muslim administration.

Toward a global Jerusalem intifada

Meanwhile, a strong protest against Israel will strengthen Turkey’s hand. It will also give the Muslim world  a chance to get back on its feet with a new conscious.

It appears that Jerusalem is the one that is going to revive the Islamic world, which is buried in great sorrow, and unite the ummah (Muslim community). Therefore, the entire Muslim world, all Muslims in the region must organize a comprehensive international Jerusalem summit. Immediately. They should unite and destroy Israel’s plans.

Even if the Islamic world is wretched, even if it is in a tough situation, the events taking place in Jerusalem and al-Aqsa were sufficient to create a huge riot. 

Energy has accumulated and this energy is going to explode. Therefore, a Jerusalem intifada (revolt) must be launched not only in Jerusalem, not only in Palestine, but globally. The masses should pour to the streets. They should protest Israel and the administrators who act like the slaves of Israel.

Don’t say ‘I’m free’ before Jerusalem is liberated

The matter is: Mecca is our claim, Medina is our cause, Jerusalem is our never ending prayer, Istanbul is our last station, our last refuge, our shield.

When Istanbul fell, the flow of history changed; Islamic civilization physically withdrew from the stage as an actor making history. When Istanbul fell, Jerusalem fell, too.

Istanbul belongs to Jerusalem and Jerusalem to Istanbul. Damascus and Bosnia, Skopje and Jerusalem are entrusted to us. Turkey, protect what has been entrusted to you!

And do not forget, if Jerusalem falls, Mecca will fall, Medina will fall, and Istanbul will fall. We will fall. That is when all hope goes down the drain.

Do not say “I am free” before Jerusalem is liberated. We say Jerusalem is our honor. It is of course. Then don’t allow anybody to trample your honor.


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