From the besieged to the hopeful - YUSUF KAPLAN

From the besieged to the hopeful

Since 1908, the effective authority in Turkey has been the civil-army-bureaucracy. The spine for this type of bureaucracy is comprised of transformed, secularized components: their goal is to westernize and secularize the society by removing it from the Islamic assertions. These local, transformed colonizers began to carry out this task, which westerners could not realize.

Ottomans were besieged from the outside, while Turkey from the inside

For a century, the only thing that this bureaucracy has achieved is the occupation of Turkey to prevent it from its re-uprising.

For a century, Westerners tried to stop the Ottomans with the secular bureaucracy, which is ailed with the mental colonization/intelligentsia that prevented Turkey from claiming Islamic assertions.

With Menderes, we switched into a Turkey, which claimed an Islamic assertion. Even today when the people"s will is concerned, they freely spread the coup threats in adopting a discourse that will be used by western hegemonies. In addition, they show courage by saying, "Stir up a conflict". We are confronting a complete bipolar besiege as clearly understood.

The short story of the siege

Alright, how did this besiege, which stopped the civilization march of Turkey and made us go on vacation but at the same time brought us to each other"s throats, take place ? How can we overcome this?

We were tremendously shaken with the treaty of Karlowitz and Passarowitz and lost our self-confidence.

The Ottomans had an extreme self-confidence. They had some legitimate reasons behind that. It ruled a complex area with justice, i.e. the threshold of civilizations and the center of the world, the territories intersecting among Asia, Europe to Africa and where it extended from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. Even at a time when westerners began to a devastating attack against other cultures, civilizations and religions, while Ottomans provided peace, justice, fairness to its belonging subjects and societies coming from a diversity of religions, cultures, ethnicities according to its own "nations system" with its own definitive framework that no other political actor realized a civilization experience.

On one hand, Europeans were attacking the existence of other religions, their cultures, civilizations. It was their secular/pagan attacks. On the other hand, there was the Ottoman civilization experience which considered itself as the "last isle of humanity" and which protected itself from this secular challenge because as a result of western secular/pagan attacks, Asia was stopped and Africa was finished and the American continent was captured.

The dilemma of Ottomans was its own extreme confidence. This fact blinded the Ottomans.

The Europeans engaged the project to stop Ottomans, which was the biggest obstacle in ahead of them. For three centuries, they walked over the Ottomans.

The Ottomans reacted to an alarm to protect their status and began restoration projects in the era of Selim III and Mahmut II.

Tanzimat was a period to pick up itself, but because it was based on an apologetic mentality, it could not produce a strong response to the secular challenge of the western civilization.

Tanzimat in time turned into a time for tazminat (recompensation)!

Despite everything, Turkey in a short period like 50 years made it possible to develop great steps in the world of ideas, art and politics. The dynamic life of ideas in the Mesrutiyet age gave way to the development of great thinkers and movements. Abdulhamit is the result of this awakening.

Finally, Europeans stopped the Ottomans. Thus the first part of the Eastern issue, that is, they kept us away from Europe.

The second part of the same issue, that is removing us from Islam, was put into effect by the secular intelligentsia, who captured the civil-military bureaucracy; and therefore the authority in full meaning. WithTurkey being the global secular/pagan system"s greatest obstacle, its representative civilization counterpart, in particular after the treaty of Lausanne, promised to put the secularism project in effect and thus, signed its own death penalty. That is why Turkey was besieged and went on vacation in history.

The only alternative to the secular global system, which is increasingly getting wilder due to its great internal crisis, is Islam. Westerners have realized that the only strong ideological alternative and political project is Islamism.

That"s why they identified the third world war with "the terror Islam", using post-modern discourses in order to prevent its re-staging in history.

From a country which lost everything into a country of hope.

Turkey lost everything in a century. However, it proved to be the candle of hope for oppressed nations at the end of the century. The siege that was applied on Turkey has been partially broken. But, this time the besiege of the global evil forces frightened of Turkey''s advancement has been put into effect.

Today we have a historical election. It is the second critical election of three. It is this critical election in which the people will elect the President.

In this election, it is a responsibility to act on the elections in a way to uphold the voyage of Turkey in upgrading its hope to a higher level.

The society has this conscious responsibility. I have no doubt that in these elections our conscious society will make a right decision with such particular notion.


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