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Hagia Sophia is the symbol of the Conquest of Istanbul and independence

The occupation of America in 1492 led to the plundering of its resources. Europeans did the same thing to Africa, and Asia too.

They looted every region they stumbled upon; they cut the lifeline of the region’s civilizations, their religions, and wiped them off the face of the earth.

They paid no respect to the history of humanity. Diverse religions and civilizations weren’t given the right to survive.


Throughout history, they developed a two-stage relationship with the civilizations they came across. They first tried to brainwash them to be more like them. We can call this the assimilation strategy. If they resisted this transformation, they opted to use the abolishing strategy. This can be branded as the elimination strategy.

From the Ancient Greeks to the Romans, from the Europeans to the Americans, they tried to forge ties with other civilizations through these two negative strategies. Both Alexander the Great and George Bush used these two primitive strategies in their approach toward others.

So, what did they achieve?

Western hegemony, which started with the occupation of the American continents and was brought to a theoretical framework with the 1648 Westphalia Treaty, first plundered regions, then destroyed their civilizations.

Despite all their grandiose ideologies, the rhetoric of “human rights, freedoms and democracy,” which has been brainwashing the entire world and is the new branch of postmodern colonialism, the West hasn’t been able to find a way to peacefully co-exist with diverse religions and civilizations!

Did they even want to?


So in 1492, Christopher Columbus opened the doors wide to the looting of the Americas: All European imperialists, rogue states, Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German bandits destroyed America, uprooting civilizations, and massacred millions of people without discrimination!

By 1648, they dominated the world with the wealth stolen from America, India and Africa. Between 1610 and 1640, the U.K.'s economy had grown tenfold!


There’s not an ounce of proof that the Europeans brought freedom or peace anywhere. Quite the opposite. They’ve exhibited a model of how to hellify the world, how to eradicate entire civilizations.

It’s time to reboot everything we thought we knew about the Westerners.

We, as the Ottoman Empire on the other hand, have throughout history offered humanity the most exemplary, developed and perfect model of how various religions, civilizations and cultures can peacefully and safely coexist.

The West knows this extremely well, whereas we do not. We don’t, because we are the only country in the world’s modern history that has been mentally invaded without actually being invaded!

We have presented a great civilization of justice, peace and compassion that is waiting to be discovered, like the Ottomans, to humanity; but we think it is a neat feat to deny and insult such an experience: that’s why we are likes slaves in love with their masters!

One of the most hair-raising examples of this is the transformation of the Hagia Sophia mosque into a museum. Turning it into a museum is to mummify our history, particular the Ottomans, and to destroy our historical awareness: If this is the case, then what need is there for a de-facto invasion! What need is there indeed when a mental invasion and epistemic enslavement is so much more convenient!

Chaining Hagia Sophia is to enslave the Ottomans!

What does it mean to enslave the Ottomans?

It is breeding hostility between the children of the Ottomans, who developed the most modern, freeing formula of peaceful co-existence between religions, civilizations and cultures, and the Ottoman empire; it is destroying their historical awareness and reducing their perception of the Ottoman Empire to the “darkness of the Middle Ages and representatives of an archaic mentality.”

Hagia Sophia is the symbol of the Conquest of Istanbul in 1453. Transforming it into a mosque is not a symbol of the Ottomans degrading the Christians but of them declaring their sovereignty on Christian lands, on an Eastern Roman region. It is the proclamation that Istanbul is a land of Islam. The Ottomans didn’t destroy Byzantine places of worship like Western bandits when it took control of Istanbul; on the contrary they preserved them. And not just in Istanbul but all over the Balkans. No empire can compare to the Ottomans in that way, and all historians know this.

In short, the issue of Hagia Sophia is to do with sovereignty.

This is why it is the symbol of our independence. If you want to know whether or not we are protecting our independence, you just have to take a look at Hagia Sophia and what it represents.

If you fail to see this, you're either blind or mentally incapacitated, and an epistemic slave.


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