If the murders are solved, the dual siege will be broken, clearing Turkey's path - YUSUF KAPLAN

If the murders are solved, the dual siege will be broken, clearing Turkey's path

Turkey's recent history is also the history of murders.

This is a bloody history that started with Adnan Menderes and became forever complexified with the massacre of ASELSAN's brave children, Eşref Bitlis and Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu.

If Turkey is able to solve the murders, the assassination attempts, particularly in the recent period – including the murders of Turgut Özal, Adnan Kahveci, Uğur Mumcu and Hrant Dink – it might be able to clarify with whom and how terrorist groups, such as the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), used as a cover to drag the country to the verge of infighting, to the verge of civil war, are working. That's when Turkey's path will start to clear.

Dual siege, 'parasites' and 'fools'

During the period that started with Tanzimat (Reform) and gained speed with the Republic, Turkey became subject to a dual siege. This two-century dual siege is still ongoing at full speed.

Some circles in this country describe this dual siege, which we are experiencing to full effect, as “paranoia.”

Those who label the siege that has left its mark on Turkey's 200-year history, that divided the people right down the middle as “seculars” and “conservatives,” that devastated and turned us against one another as “paranoia,” are nothing but grasshoppers on a leash who are in love with their executioner.

Some of the leading names among these are representatives who have been on television, jumping from here to there, for years, or “tasked fools” openly working for foreign intelligence agencies. These people have started to reveal themselves in the last couple of years. The community got to know at least some of them really well.

Or, they are mentally paralyzed “foolish” schizophrenics, who are physically here but mentally live in the West, who cannot make peace with the spiritual roots of this community, who pick fights and have a Western and cross-eyed perspective of this country's history, culture, who are, for this very reason, incapable of grasping the philosophical, cultural and political basics of our ontological deviation in the last two centuries.

Why and how is Turkey sieged for the last two centuries?

So, why is Turkey under constant siege both inside and outside for the last two centuries?

This country does not have a spearheading generation that breeds on the spirit, the spiritual origins of these lands, to ask this question and follow the traces of this question.

This intelligentsia is the sole example of its kind that expects everything from the West, that is not bothered by merely consuming Western products, who undermine – and with time, deny – the spirit, the spiritual roots of these lands.

This country cannot get anywhere – but fall into a hole – with an intelligentsia that knows neither the West nor Islam in depth, that declares platonic love toward the West, that has lost its self-confidence and views everything through these shallow, Western/secular perspectives – which it is unable to fully grasp – and hence, is unable to fully grasp anything, but stands in front of the country, blocking it.

Of course, this intelligentsia, which destroyed historical awareness, whose mind has been paralyzed, couldn't possibly see the dual siege we are under and how the siege is devastating us from both inside and outside.

The people to pave the way for this country could only be open minded, leading generations, who both internalize this country's spiritual roots and are capable of deeply understanding Western civilization.

These leading generations are on their way, even if only gradually.

All reform attempts imposed from the outside have resulted in destruction

There are two actors making world history for the last 2,000 years: Muslims and the West. We are in the first seven centuries of these, while in the last three centuries it is solely the West.

The West knew very well that the moment they stop us is when they would be able to dominate the world. Thus, they have been attacking us for the last three centuries. And they knocked us down.

The Ottoman Empire losing territory for the first time following the Karlowitz and Passarowitz treaties caused it to lose self-confidence and be dragged to the verge of an inferiority complex against Europe.

The Islahat (rehabilitation) and Tanzimat (reform) attempts were efforts to pick itself up, but it was also an inside/mental siege operation.

If you take the prescriptions of a daring civilization and enter a path called Islahat or Tanzimat, you are doomed to deviate from the path.

No rehabilitation or reform attempt imposed from the outside has ever succeeded. It has resulted in destruction alone.

Our two centuries of experience that has devastated us and turned us against each other is the proof of this.

Just as we were about to pick ourselves up through the constitutional periods, the Ottoman Empire was eliminated through the efforts of the resistance movement mentally lured by the British. And in the Republic era, our civilization claim was abandoned.

Turkey, once an actor that led history, became an extra, crawling in front of history.

To break the dual siege

An elitocracy that has lost its own dynamics, that denies its own spiritual roots, can of course, take Turkey nowhere other than a dead-end.

Of course it was going to be easier to divide a country that lost its self-confidence, that thinks consuming everything produced in the West here is modernizing right in the middle as “seculars” and “conservatives,” to create chaos in the country, turn it in to a no-country where infighting, frightening assassinations and murders are taking place, in to a “wreck” that is dragged to the verge of extinction.

Turkey has caught a chance to break this dual siege in the post-July 15 period.

We are obliged to set off on a journey to clear the pebble stones and lay the building blocks that will allow us to bring up new Ghazalis, Rumis, Yunuses, Sinans, Itris and give all segments of the community to prepare with our spiritual roots and civilization dynamics.

To achieve this, if we are able to solve the bloody, confusing and terrifying murders that have influenced our late history and devastated the country, I think we might have a chance to understand by whom and how Turkey was sieged by from both inside and outside and hence, make remarkable progress in relation to breaking free of its shackles and be cleared of its tumors.




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