If Turkey falls, hope will end... Balance strategy is a must! - YUSUF KAPLAN

If Turkey falls, hope will end... Balance strategy is a must!

Turkey is under multi-directional siege from both within and without for the last two centuries. This is no tale! It is the reality. It is our tragedy, which we cannot see or do not want to see that has turned into a comedy.

Turkey's – somewhat – opening to the region of civilization is not welcomed and never will be by the colonialist imperialists that have invaded and looted our region of civilization for the last two centuries.

We cannot see the 2-century siege!

Turkish intelligence is yet to see this!

It could not see it. The only intelligence in the world that is unable to understand what has happened to its country is in Turkey! You will find pitiful locusts on leashes in love with their executor in this country only!

There is currently no civilization claim in Turkey – there is the feeling. This feeling found a response in the entire Muslim world. Even in the entire oppressed world!

Westerners see that this feeling can be evolved into idea. That is why they fear us so much!

Currently, for the last 5-6 years, Turkey is been both the hope for the oppressed world and fear and nightmare of the West.

Because our arrival is going to result in their exit. When we come back, imperialists will no longer be able to steal the oil and natural gas reservoirs in our region like robbers or modern bandits!

Imperialists will lose their dominance in our region with time and eventually go away.

They will not only move away from here, they are also going to enter a period of withdrawal from history as a history maker player too.

Let us not forget: The West owes its hegemony on the world to their hegemony on the Ottoman geography. When the West is pushed away from the Ottoman geography, they will be distanced not only from the geography but also history.

That is why they are constantly giving us a hard time, closing in on Turkey both from the inside and outside, both horizontally and vertically, trying to make Turkey bow down.

We can't make a big mistake, we need to take initiative

However, as Turkey, what are we doing in this period?

We are making great progress strategically and economically, but we are also making big mistakes.

The crises with Russia and Egypt are the primary mistakes.

You cannot break ties with Russia. Russia is an axis country. If you cut ties with an axis country, the West will execute you at the moment it finds the opportunity.

I wrote this a few times four-five years ago. Nobody took heed then. I was told off and attacked.

The same goes for relations with Egypt. The U.K.'s two-century fundamental strategy is to prevent Turkey and Egypt from coming side by side, prevent them from establishing deep-rooted relations. If you do not know this, then we have a lot of work to do.

Turkey is not an independent country. It is independent only territorially, in terms of land. Hence, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan expresses this as Turkey's struggle for independence and the future. (Please excuse me, I would like to remind that these definitions are my own. I had written a couple columns on the struggle for independence and the future, you can find them in Yeni Şafak's archives.)

In a time frame which Turkey is fighting for independence and the future, it expands its horizon to the geography of civilization and grows its economy and strategic options, you will know this well: Turkey will become a target country – you do not expect them to hold a ceremony because you are growing and coming, do you?

At this point, you are going to go cautious, with foresight and wise. You are constantly going to take initiative. You are not going to allow any dangerous tendency such as surrendering after it is too late. God forbid.

Turkey was tricked in the Russia issue.

We are in a state of war with the British for 2 centuries!

In my last two columns I drew attention to the fact that the British are destroying the ahlussunnah backbone we established in the last millennium and replacing it for the last two centuries, step by step, but rapidly in the last 25 years, with its external logic. We are in a very sly state of war with the British.

Second, the world has been witnessing a tussle between the British and Jews for the last half century.

Israel was never our friend. Ever since it was established, Turkey acted like Israel's slave, it's satellite. This is an incredible dishonor!

This was ended.

Meanwhile, the British pushed both the Jews and Turkey into a tight corner. Iran's path (the future Shiite-Sunni conflict) was fully paved.

Turkey has been badly cornered. Do not expect Turkey to sit at the table with the British. The British will make us go crazy! They will make us regret being alive. See the Arab world's ragged and tattered state. See the Muslim India that has been shredded to pieces.

You can't trust the West or Jews, but we also need to protect this country

The British as coldblooded, and the Jews are overhasty. They are both greedy and the hopeless orangutans of capitalism.

But with the British settling in our region both vertically and horizontally, freely using terrorist organizations, shaping the mind of the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ), in short, attacking us both within and from the outside, Turkey's alliance with Germany and the Jews (note: Israel is a little symbolic, the real issue is with the Jewish power controlling the U.S.) was inevitable.

I am not talking about being friends with Israel, Germany, the U.S. or Russia. I am talking about forming an alliance with global powers following in the footsteps of Sultan Abdülhamid, who was a genius in balance and strategy. None of these countries can ever be trusted.

But this is the way the world is.

Turkey should not fall. If Turkey falls, the hope of the oppressed will also die and Muslims cannot recover again. They destroyed everywhere. Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, et cetera, everywhere.

That is why, risking being attacked, I saw that Turkey is rolling toward the cliff and said for months that Turkey needs to decrease its number of enemies and increase its number of allies.

We finally reached this point.

Still, Turkey is under complete invasion in terms of education, youth, media, culture, idea and art. No country would ever allow such a thing. That is why Turkey's restarting and speed up its journey toward Islamization, its spiritual roots and civilization dynamics is the sole condition to protect its existence.



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