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In order to blow a saintly spirit into history

I want to mention the last word of this article at the beginning: Palestinians are teaching all humanity what a noble thing it is to live as a Muslim. They are even sacrificing their kids.

History does not concern the past but the future.

History does not concern the "past" but the future. We are interested in the past in order to "make" future history.

Therefore, those who consider history as the past cannot get rid of the past and when they look into the future, they cannot find the history to make the future or a historical depth ahead of them.

IBN KHALDUN: Water and History

One of the most innovative and ground-breaking historians of all times both in our civilization and all the civilizations, Ibn Khaldun said, "The past and future are alike just as water is similar to its own kind."

Both the past and future are temporary; they are relative concepts and circumstances.

What matters is us. We as humans have been charged with a responsibility. Everyone is responsible for doing his or her task.

Concerning this perspective, as the subjects we are the ones who add meaning, spirit to the past and future. We are the people who make the history of the past, as well as the future.

The thing that ennobles water and history.

What makes the water noble is its aspect of adding to our life another life. If history adds another life to our life, it is as noble as water.

The fact that history is adding another life to our life is contingent upon our engagement with history of the past, present and future and on our will to live through history and our intent for struggling to survive.

We may have this or that life style, but the essential question is whether we live the life as the agents of history or as vacationists.

If we are living through history as vacationists, it means that the spring of life that history provided to us has dried up or that the life we offer to history is defiled.

Water is life. If there is life, there is also water. Life, if it has a spirit, can transform into a flowing river in abundance and can drag rivers to seas and oceans.

History is just like water and life. The meaning of history flowing in abundance is possible through engraving the spirit to the history and having vitality, which can stitch history as in the example of an embroidery frame.

The history, life, water and spirit can achieve vitality and become noble if there is spirit.

If there is no spirit, history stops and life becomes frozen and water stops flowing.

The static history and transformation

Now, we are trying to inhale and exhale when history is stopped. History, as a period of time in which we are living through, lacks providing people an essential, human type of life to humans. Therefore, we are observing the ruling of unfairness, illegitimacies, corruption, graft, chaos, catastrophes and deviance in the world.

We are at a turning point in history in which we will not see the whole history that is going to be re-written or the whole humanity that is going to be destroyed should the situation keep going like this.


Thus, Palestinians are sparking one of the firestones of this transition process. The resistance of Palestinians is a struggle to protect their honor.

I want to underline it again: Palestinians are teaching all humanity what a noble thing it is to live as a Muslim. They are even sacrificing their kids.

Let us remember: No matter what the price is, a Muslim is called a human being who lives for his or her honor and would never let anyone grind his or her honor.


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