It's not Mursi who died, it's the vile West and its puppet regimes! - YUSUF KAPLAN

It's not Mursi who died, it's the vile West and its puppet regimes!

They heinously murdered Egypt's first democratically-elected president: They watched him die in a courtroom!

In reality, the truth is not as people were led to believe!

What we know for sure is that, they poisoned him and waited for him to die a slow death in court!

These are low lives!

These people can't be human!

It's not Mursi who died!

Mursi was martyred, he was violently and barbarically killed!

It's the West that died!

Those who died are the ones that remained silent when a coup ousted Egypt's first democratically-elected president, or cannot be described as silent, like the Western imperialist countries that freely supported Sisi's puppet's regime to prevent it from collapse by legitimizing it and funneling money from their plentiful coffers, and of course handing it order after order!

Those who died are the U.K., U.S. and the EU who established strong military and strategic ties with Egypt following the coup!

Those who died are Western imperialist values such as freedoms, the rule of law and democracy that they have preached to the world for dozens of years!

Those who died are for sure the Muslims and Islamic World who did nothing aside from cursing the oppressors and shouting slogans such as “long live hell for all tyrants!"

Yes, Mursi didn't die, he was murdered!

Mursi was murdered by the imperialists and their puppet dictator Sisi!

How sly and heartless is this hired dictator Sisi!

Why would Western imperialists protect and take Sisi under their wing when he drags Muslims through the mud and rains bullets on innocent Egyptians in Rabia Square?

Egypt has not yet had its fill of executions and the blood of innocents!

Thousands more Ikhwan members are waiting on death row to be executed!

The world is not just watching idly by, but while this was taking place, Western hegemony's actors, AKA the international community, declared the Muslim Brotherhood, who never took up arms, as a terrorist organization and designated its members, who march bravely without batting an eye to their death, as terrorists!

It leaves one truly speechless!

Let no one speak of human rights, democracy, freedom or the rule of law after Mursi was slowly killed in front of the whole world!

Take your democracy, rights and freedoms and shove it!

The slow and blatant killing of Mursi right in front of our eyes makes my blood boil, it has devastated me!

An innocent man!

A hero that fought for his country's freedom!

An innocent Muslim who was murdered by slaves of the imperialist West!

Muslims sitting with their hands tied, feeling helpless, makes one resentful!

This helplessness drives one mad!

Down with the tyrants!

Down with the pharaohs!

May God empower Muslims, grant them wisdom and insight and be on their side!


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