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Kurdish question: Failure of the Turkish secularization project!

The “Kurdish question” consumed one-third of the history of the Republic of Turkey: The cost of Turkish secularization for the community was heavy.

We are digging our own grave.

With the Kurdish question so deeply embedded into every facet of our lives, we no longer have the strength to even think what the root cause of this problem is, and why it has reached the extent that it is so out of control. But we are skipping one vital rule: it is not possible to solve a problem before understanding its real reasons, origins and extent.

This is exactly what we have been doing for some 30 years. We continue to make the same mistake: we think that we can solve this problem by giving political, cultural and economic rights in this secular atmosphere. But we are terribly mistaken and we are digging our own graves.

Kurdish state: The second Israel

Let us know this well: all the secular rights granted to our Kurdish brothers and sisters are “dangerous weapons” that will have a boomerang effect and first hit Turkey and then them.

Such that all the secular political, economic and cultural rights given to Kurds will eventually go all the way to an autonomous state. To be honest, if a people want to be independent, I cannot tell them, “No, you cannot.” It is as clear is this.

The critical question is: “If Kurds get an autonomous state, what will it lead to?”

This would be a disaster for them too. They will be pushed around by the imperialists just like the other “federal states.”

What's worse is, it will become the next Israel - a troublemaker used by the West to beat and loot the region. Actually, this is the plan.

This will lead to the region being hurled by imperialists from one end to another for a long time and never being able to pick itself up again. As a result, Western imperialists can never be kicked out of here again.

Paving the way for a common Islamic future, not blocking it.

This is the disaster: being a troublemaker like Israel and - just when we think it is all over - solidifying the sovereignty of Western imperialists here, while preventing the region from progressing toward an Islamic future.

Could there be a greater disaster than this not only for our region, but also for the tradition of the world and the Muslim world?

Let alone, this is exactly what the imperialists want - this is their sole problem and only goal: preventing the region's political, cultural, economic and strategic integration and stopping it from progressing toward an Islamic future, no matter what.

Similar to the secular Turkish state, a secular Kurdish state will only serve Western imperialists and extend their period of domination.

The cost of smearing Islamic identity and failure of secularism.

Then the question that needs to be pursued is: What is the root cause of this problem, and why has it reached the extent that it is so out of control?

This is what really needs to be asked, but nobody is asking it.

The Kurdish question is the point we have reached and could have reached through abandonment of the ummah identity based on the idea of civilization, its anathemization in foolish ways, and inventing an artificial national identity that crushes the more than 30 identities left from the Ottoman Empire. It is a dead end. There is no way further.

Denying the grand civilization experience that united people from different religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds at a common point and land of peace, and then keeping 30 ethnic minorities together based on the idea of a single nation is not the achievement of a nation-state, it is the fruit of all these ethnic minorities having a common identity - a Muslim identity.

We turned a blind eye to this truth and did not hesitate to jauntily apply this divisive secularization project that would give prominence to ethnic identities over the Islamic identity and sensitivities. Such stupidity is unbelievable.

What's worse is, since the 1990s when the global system positioned Islam as a threat, as a “satellite” of the West, we invented a creepy “reaction” (you can read this as “fundamentalism” like the West does) danger and threat. We sowed with our own hands the seeds of the ethnic separation that we are experiencing through ethnic identities.

We reap what we sowed.

We are reaping whatever we sowed now. The political Kurdish party led by the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) is a secular movement: Just as the Kemalists dynamited Turkey's Islamic foundation, the Young Kurd Kemalists are similarly dynamiting the Islamic foundation of Kurds, step by step.

The point reached is one that is so frightening that if Turkey's secular elitocracy and intelligentsia saw it in their dreams, they would call it a nightmare.

Yet they are the ones who are guilty: In a country where 99 percent of the population is Muslim, dynamiting the most expansive common Muslim identity, sensitivities and dynamics, and turning it into a reason for separation rather than reinforcing it, could only have been achieved by these brainless secularists experiencing mind-blindness, who worship secularism like a religion.

The end result is Turkey's secularization failure.

If this reality is not seen and they continue with the same secular mindset – which oppresses the uniting, inclusive Islamic identity and gives prominence to the separatist, exclusionist ethnic identity – there is only one place it will lead us: into the wall. And the trash can of history.

I am doing my part and humbly warning our elite and administrators, showing – we a deep breath – the origin of the disaster and how it can be permanently overcome. I hope it helps.


Note: This piece was previously published here. I revised it and am re-publishing it here as an introduction to an article series I will be writing on the Kurdish issue, the re-designing of the region and terror.


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