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Media exploitation, cyberterror and the Panama Papers

Since the modern showdown, Western civilization has been sprucing up the world alone and solely using the method of Darwinism, in other words, the law of the jungle.

This is what has been experienced for the last three centuries.


Therefore, Western civilization is the greatest disaster to have hit humanity. What is a civilization that eliminates all civilizations, that gives no chance for any other civilization to survive, if not the greatest disaster?

The Westerners could not manage to build a world based on exchange, where people from different religious backgrounds, civilizations and cultures can live together in peace. They don't know what kind of thing this is and how such a thing can be realized either. What's more important is that the Westerners have no such concern. They never had such a concern either!

On the one hand they are using slogans such as “civilization, human rights, freedoms” to provoke the world and taking captive their mentality, and on the other hand they are cooperating with dictators, invading the countries that do not obey them whenever they like, and “monsterizing” the leaders of those countries!

Colonization is a method of invasion is th West's gift to the world. Western civilization is a complete form of control and colonization: It is the peak of attack against all of humanity, the most destructive example of it.

There has never been such an aggressive civilization experience in the history of humanity that has attacked all civilizations developed in history, that is eliminating them all!


We need to realize that we cannot understand any of the real problems in the world, our region and country, without knowing these fundamental, burning facts.

For instance, Turkey is showing complete intellectual wretchedness and shallowness in terms of understanding and making sense of the Wikileaks documents or the recently revealed Panama papers.

So what are the Wikileaks phenomenon and the Panama papers, and how do we need to understand them?


Our current age is one of catastrophes, disasters and shocks.

The key term joining the modern era with the post-modern era is catastophe Catastrophe is not abnormal for neither the modern situation nor the post-modern situation; it is a normal. The moderns and post-moderns all started to say, “ we need to learn to live with catastrophe.”

Hence, Thomas Hobbes, used the “traffic police” metaphor for the modern state in his famous Leviathan.

Hannah Arendt took it a little further and said progress and catastrophe are two sides of the same coin in her work titled “The Origins of Totalitarianism.”

Finally, Walter Benjamin drew attention to the destructiveness of modernity in his major article titles “On the Concept of History.”

Modernity's ability to continue its existence based on catastrophe, disaster and shocks are not only described in thinkers' texts. They are also portrayed in the paintings of the great artists of modern painting: It is this phenomenon that leaves it mark on the paintings of artists such as Gericault, Goya and Picasso.


Modernity was legitimizing its existence, which was active through catastrophe, through its obsession of speed and action. Gratification and/or temptation were added to the theology of politics, which is based on both post-modernity and modernity – hence, the post-modern theology of politics gained trinity.

The modern theory of catastrophe and theology of politics were helping the West civilization to continue its sovereignty through the material world, physical reality, what is external, and hence through the control and colonization of continents, countries and people.

This gained a completely different dimension during the post-modern period. This time we observe that it is the post-modern theory of catastrophe and theology of politics realized the trinity of speed, action and gratification or temptation and continued its sovereignty not of the physical reality but of the unseen, virtual reality, not through the control and colonization of continents and countries, but through the control and colonization of people's emotions, subconscious and desires.

What is this? Then end of democracy, the victory of dromocracy!


In brief, in the past, the moderns used to physically invade where ever they desired. Now, the post-moderns are resorting to mental invasion through the media.

Today, Westerners are invading minds, castrating and riddling them with holes to continue their lawless hegemony on the world and legalizing their murders and tyrannous invasions!

We are now faced with a surprising, shocking play and a seductive global stage where it iss dromocracy, namely speed and temptation are dominant rather than democracy, which captivates minds through the siege of the media, cyrbermedia – a product of totalitarianism produced together with media exploitation – and which pushes humans to the edge of nihilism, making them insensitive regarding the most fundamental existential problems of humanity.

We are in new age of colonialism and imperialism: The West is no trying to exercise sovereignty over the world through cyberterrorism, to guarantee the crimes they commit and their invasions through cyberterrorism: They are fighting to bring to their knees the countries and leaders that do not obey them through cyberterror and by hitting them through virtual media! This is the issue!


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