Mental occupation has become a security problem in Turkey!

Let me start this column with a shocking aphorism: This country was not occupied physically but mentally. This occupation is still in full swing, with all its destructiveness! July 15 was a de facto invasion attempt; The nation has repelled this attack, but is suffocating under the grip of a mental occupation.

All the norms and common values of this society are rapidly disappearing... Our young generations, who make up this society and represent its future, are losing their Islamic claims and visions, that is, the spirit that kept this society alive for a millennium and made these lands our homeland. And with a generation without an identity, personality, soul, country, and ideals, it is being backed into a corner…

President Erdoğan said that the desired successful steps in education could not be taken and that the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party actually could not come to power intellectually.

It is late, but if radical and all-embracing steps are taken now, we will still be on a path to save and secure our future. The idea of a deep-rooted education, culture and media system that will be nourished by our civilization dynamics that will nurture the next generation of pioneers, new Gazalis, Yunuses, Sinans and Itrîs who built the founding and protective spirit of these lands, that will not be destructive but revive, not exclude but embrace. It may allow us to develop a defense line that will repel the mental invasion.

A single-winged bird cannot fly...

Waiting for a bird with a broken wing to fly is also a pipe dream.

Turkey is both a bird with a single and broken wing.

We are the only country in the world that could not be colonized, but we resemble a colonized country that has gone through centuries of colonization that has destroyed everything!

Our education system does not operate on the axis of our civilization claims, spirit and dynamics.

Our cultural world is under the occupation of colonial minds, leashed mentalities that have been metamorphosed and have fallen in love with their executioner!

We don't even have an intellectual life.

The education system of a country does not just give cold knowledge to its children.

The education system of a country is responsible for giving life, ideal, personality and morality to its children.

Let's not forget: You cannot build your own world with other people's concepts and perspectives!

Culture, art and intellectual life cannot pave the way for this country only by transferring what is produced in the West here or by consuming it here; it cannot broaden the horizons of this country's children; on the contrary, it both mentally paralyzes and effectively enslaves the children of this country.

The shallow positivist/secular education system prevailing in this country is blinding and destroying the mind, soul and brains of our children!

There is no Western education system in this country, as some people seem to think: A colonial education system actually reigns in all respects.

The education system, culture and art life, and the media regime messes with our children’s minds; It only raises schizophrenic generations who are alienated from our own values, metamorphosed, without identity, soulless, and with no intellectual faculties, who look to the West with an inferiority complex, whose minds are paralyzed, whose souls are lost, skating on slippery floors, dancing with decadence.

It acts as a missionary for pulpy Western values, does nothing but undermine our values, this does not only go for the colonial education system, but also the corrupt and degenerating culture, art and media regime!

It ignores our universal values, which humanity needs as much as it does bread and water, which have not been overcome and understood, on the contrary, have been eroded and weakened;

We are losing our children...

Young generations are disappearing when they look us in the eye... they’re slipping out of our own hands...

Our younger generations, their families, and our managers need to ask themselves the following questions:

What culture do we live in?

What dreams are we aspiring towards?

What ideals do we hold?

What claims are we struggling to bring to life?

When we think about these questions and see the fact that we do not live our own culture, our own time, our own world, if you do not lose sleep over this, we can deem that this country is finished!

As I always say, those who neglect their youth destroy their future.

Those who don't have dreams live with the dreams of others!

If this society cannot rebuild its education system, culture, art and media life on the axis of our universal civilization values and spiritual roots, which humanity desperately needs, our very existence, let alone being able to offer something to humanity, will be in jeopardy. (I have to repeat this sentence in every column!)

The most fundamental problem of this country is one of civilization, therefore it is a matter of looking at and interpreting events with our own civilization perspectives; To put it succinctly, it is a mental invasion, the invasion of our minds and making us fall in love with our executioner.

If we do not find ways to embroider our idea of civilization, perspective, spirit, dynamics, mind sets, education, thought, culture, art and media into our lives, we cannot escape extinction.

One cannot expect a country that cannot protect its soul to protect its existence.

The soul lies in the roots, it leads to the heavens. If you can't get down to the roots, you can't rise to the skies.

A struggle for independence and the future that cannot be won in education and culture is doomed to be lost.

Therefore, the education, culture and youth problems of this country are more important than terrorism and economic crises, and it has become a national security issue!

2 years ago
Mental occupation has become a security problem in Turkey!
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