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No one can tell anyone to leave

I wrote a column titled "Türkiye'nin önündeki iki takoz: Batılılar ve Batıcılar" (The two obstacles stopping Turkey: The West and Westernists.” In it I said, “The West turned the three continents we built into a land of peace for six centuries into hell. When we arrive, Western imperialists are going to get the hell out of here.”

It caused great uproar: An influential laicist-left website announced that I said, “laicists should get out of this country.”

Then on social media, those who “work their pelvic muscles rather than their brains” took charge “in the form of hordes.”

Some columnists wrote counter-responses without reading what I wrote!

Really, it is unbelievable! This is the shallowest of shallow!

In other countries intellectuals grow the same dreams

In the U.K., France, Germany, Russia, China and Japan, whether socialist, traditionalist or nationalist, they all live for their country and grow their common dreams.

To even think such a thing in Turkey is a dream.

For instance, the French socialist and the religious are both the children of the same civilization, the same thinking world. Pascal is an important thinker for a religious individual as he is for a socialist. Descartes and Bergson are no different.

They think and write on Derrida, Marx, Levi-Strauss, Freud and Nietzsche and on religion, enough to write a book!

We make similar observations for Germans too and the British, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. No need to extend the examples.

What's more, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle “are not dead,” they are still alive, they live and are constantly re-discovered.

Why? Because they are founders. Hence, when you take out these thinkers, you neither have Descartes nor Kant! You neither have Picasso nor Wagner!

The Laicist intellectual: The West-struck in love with its executioner, the leashed cricket!

Yet the laic-leftist intellectuals in Turkey, mention with an aphrodisiac pleasure the Western thinkers and artists – who in reality they do not understand much – but when it comes to the founding individuals (Avicenna, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Haldun, Yunus, Rumi, Itri, Sinan, Ghazali) who established our civilization world, thought, art, aesthetic, ethics, politics, briefly our “life-world,” or kept them alive by re-interpreting them, they snort.

What is this?

It is to eat metamorphosis! It is to fall in love with one's executor. It is to be West-struck, to be a leashed cricket!

Such intellectual types are specific to this country alone! There is no such freak of nature anywhere in the world who insult the founding personalities of the lands they breathe on as “backward, uncivilized!”

This country was taken from the inside!

Let us be honest. A burglary took place in this country. This community was not taken captive by the colonialists; it was taken from the inside by West-struck laicists. And the dynamics of civilization offered by Islam, which made this society's thousand-year history of humanity was blown up with dynamite: All institutions and organizations of the country were “cleaned” of Islam by secularization!

Tanpınar had defined this trauma as “cultural denial.” In time, “cultural denial” turned by the hand of laicists into “cultural suicide.”

The result: Turkey is the sole country in the world that could not be secularized. But Turkey is the sole country in the world that colonized itself!

Islamic civilization is not the one that has no mosque, church or synagogue

In this country, no one can tell anyone to leave. This country belongs to all of us.

There may have been historic murders committed in this country. But I – always – say: If we managed to build a “land of peace” on three continents for six centuries for societies, peoples that are members of different religions, cultures, ethnicities to co-exist, we can do it in the future too.

Similar to how our prophet, the prophet of mercy, did not expel the idol worshippers, Christians and Jews, who drove Muslims from their lands and held them subject to incredible tortures, when he established the Islamic state in Medina (like the Westerners who eliminated the Muslims in Andalusia), he did not eliminate them, and instead gathered them around a table and signed a Medina Treaty, we too, cannot display any primitivity in this country that would drive anybody away from here.

Some in this country (certain laicist groups) have constantly displayed the “religionists to Saudi Arabia!” primitivity and continue to do so. This gives away their shallowness and their century-long guilty conscience.

We cannot keep silent in the face of those who swear at and insult the civilization dynamics of this country and the source of these dynamics, Islam. But as the followers of a prophet of mercy, we cannot become as shallow as to tell anyone to leave this country. We cannot do this. This is the secret behind our strength!

We are the only ones in the history of humanity that can say: Islamic civilization is not the one that has no mosque, church or synagogue.

No Western thinker could make such a statement in the past, present and it is not possible for them to say it in the future either.

Only we can make such a statement. Why? Because we are the only ones that built a land of peace and a land of humanity where different religions, cultures and ethnicities could co-exist. Neither the Chinese, nor Indians or Westerners were able to build it! History is a witness to this.

If intellectuals have the same richness of heart and soul of the society, nobody can stop us!

In short, instead of attacking without knowing, if only people had taken the time and effort to briefly go through my columns! By the way, I expect an apology and correction from the @t24 website, otherwise I am going to take legal action.

This society turned from the brink of becoming non-existent a century ago, but it did not do too bad of a job to disperse all the attempts to distance this society from Islam. It did not allow these lands to turn into a grave for Islam. It is not going to be discouraged by the wretched who attack Islam knowingly or not. But it is never going to do this by trying to drive out those who do not think like it.

If the laicist intellectuals of this country also achieve the richness of heart and soul of this society and see that they are an obstacle standing in front of this society and start to protect the civilization and spiritual background of this country instead of aging war (at least like that observed in Western countries), nobody can hold this country back.



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