Ottomans had been stopped; now Turkey is being 'hit'! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Ottomans had been stopped; now Turkey is being 'hit'!

The global system is making their future calculations over Turkey.

Turkey will determine the system's fate

In other words, the distances, which Turkey will cover in middle and long term, will be designating the faith of the global system; If Turkey manages to reach enough “power” to gather the regional countries around a common civilization ideal, then, this will amount to the Westerners' domination over the region….

Because Westerners owe their hegemony over the world to the hegemony they've established on/over the Islam world.

I say; to avoid having it erased, let's carve this historic fact in our minds:

The history of humanity had been written HERE, in other words, the geography, whose center is us, since three centuries. History has not been made here for three centuries; however, it's being done over here.

The important question is this: If Westerners leave this geography, will they make history over sustaining their hegemony throughout the world? Even thinking about this question is a nightmare for Westerners.

Which Turkey?

Who can ensure Westerners' departure from this geography? In the short run, no one or no country! However, in the middle and long term: only Turkey!

But, which Turkey?

Of course, the Turkey, which is equipped with the Ottoman vision and spirit, which is embracing everyone, which will look after the historic claims that are dressed up with the idea of the truth civilization that truth civilization gives everyone the right to live.

The country of the region and planet which will bring the future.

Instead of exterminating the accumulating civilization of humanity, like the Westerners did, it's a country, which will pave the way for humanity and re-present the civilization idea that is based on justice, equity and brotherhood towards humanity….

Tales and historic realities

What kind of a tale is this?

Maybe most of us are already thinking that this is an impossible dream!

However, the history shows us that this is not a dream at all.

Westerners had “burned” everyone who is not Christian, while wiping out Andalusia in Spain. However, we have said, “We will hurt anyone who touches Christians or Jews” in Bosnia during the same period.

While the Westerners wiped off and colonized almost all the continents and seas, we had gifted justice and peace to three continents!

Thus, as the Ottomans collapsed, the great historian Arnold Toynbee said, “The Ottomans are the future of humanity.”

Thus, once again, Ahmet Cevdet Paşa managed to say, “The Ottomans are the final island of humanity” during the collapsing era.

What the Ottomans did yesterday, are the indicators and guarantees of what the Ottomans' kids can do.

The thing that scares the westerners

What scares the Westerners are these historic realities.

Westerners know this; Westerners did not manage to develop an experience of living with other cultures and religions. They know that the Ottomans had developed the most sophisticated example of this experience in this country; they also know that our intelligentsia, which is becoming estranged to its own country, history and culture, and is in love with its killer and who eats metamorphosis, is a mental slave enough to not know these realities.

Thus, they see that Turkey will be the only country that will designate the future of the region when Turkey is covered in the mentality claims!

There is no benefit from fearing; however, Westerners will go away from these lands, and the history will be made/re-made here!

“Scaring them with the Ottomans?”

Thus, in order to clean their hands, they are now in the competition of declaring the Ottomans as genocide conductors.

Their objective is to imprison the Ottomans and have the Muslim countries hate the Ottomans!

Also, another objective is to prevent Turkey from revolting against the armada with the Ottoman spirit and motivation!

Ottoman fire has been burned once…

However, you should know that the Ottoman fire has been burned in all the corners of the world of Islam!

Everyone is praying, day and night, for the Ottoman spirit and mission to be carried out again!

The Western bloody genocide conducting malignant people could not manage to realize what this amounts to!

However, they think that it's better to tie Turkey's hands. But, since they are not acting with a panic psychology, they are making great mistakes.

They are shooting themselves in the leg by trying to declare Ottomans as genocide-conductors; If they insist on this error, they will pave the way for revealing that the actual genocidal are themselves, and thus they will not be doing anything other than increasing their end!

God is great! If they have a plan, then, God also has one!


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