Postmodern social media coups: Causing internal chaos to bring Turkey to its knees! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Postmodern social media coups: Causing internal chaos to bring Turkey to its knees!

The slaves of imperialists set fire to Hatay once again!

Then, İskenderun, Osmaniye, and Kahramanmaraş were set on fire by the terrorist organization!

May God damn you!


This is a new form of war: The aim now is to weaken the internal front in Turkey, which is being besieged on all corners by the foreign front!

Left-wing groups, so-called environmentalists that call for awareness at every opportunity lapsed into a terrifying silence in the face of the forest fires, which are currently sweeping the country!

The country’s artists had, only a few years ago, alarmed the world at Gezi Park, supposedly for a “few trees.”

Today the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is burning down forests, but we do not hear a single peep from our artists.

If you are not going to alarm the world now, when will you?

Certain despicable newspapers even had the audacity to say that Hatay’s forests are being burned by the state for a “mining project”!

You are no correspondent or journalist; you are informants – plain and simple! You keep on talking about freedom, independence, but in reality, you are the servants, the slaves of imperialists!


They finally realized that they cannot defeat Turkey through military means.

They lost on all fronts. They were pursued; their caves were raided in Hakkari, in Tunceli, in Bingöl, in the steep mountain ranges of Iraq and Syria. The PKK terrorist organization and all its affiliated branches were dealt a great blow.

As we fight the PKK, Daesh, the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKPC), and the others, we are fighting not only these terrorist organizations but also their masters. We are also fighting those who openly support them, the financiers, logistics and strategic supporters of the terrorist organizations using the EU Parliament in European Union capital Brussels – the so-called flag-bearer of democracy, freedoms, and human rights – as their main headquarters, and the national parliaments in capitals such as Paris, London, Moscow, and Washington as the outpost where instructions are given. In brief, we are fighting against imperialist countries as well.


The social media age has struck a blow on classic and modern coups; military coups and coups conducted within the chain of order and command have become history.

The coups conducted in this age are now civil coups carried out through mounted troops. Countries fall into chaos and are made to kneel not externally or through a total military attack, not through intervention, but within, without troops, through the civil and mediatic coups conducted through perception operations built through media.

We are actually in the age of Twitter coups. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have also joined Twitter, but the real operation center, the real headquarters is Twitter!

Computers were initially invented for modern wars. Twitter, it appears, was invented to conduct postmodern, social coups.

Masses are instantly stirred with a Tweet and provoked to pour onto the streets! This is how the Gezi Park coup was planned and implemented. Masses were driven to the verge of a civil war rehearsal that would set the country to fire and drag it into chaos by saying, “It is not about the trees, do you still not understand?”!

Coups are now planned and carried out through social media. Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, and Georgia are examples of countries collapsed through the coups, the civil rebellions and chaos plotted using social media. Egypt additionally underwent an actual military coup.

But thank God, Turkey could not be collapsed.

The Gezi Park coup was plotted through social media. The country was driven to the brink of chaos; life in Istanbul became living hell, but this despicable attempt was eventually repelled!

The Dec. 17-25 attempt was a judicial coup conducted through a perception operation. However, it was also repelled.

July 15 was planned to be an actual invasion and coup attempt. This time the people took to the streets, bringing the tanks to surrender, thus repelling the coup with their strong and unshakable faith.

After July 15, it was time to try causing economic chaos and social chaos. However, as both the state and the people were on red alert, none of these attempts worked; they were all repelled.

Now, they want to destroy the peace and brotherhood in the country through chaos, through a coup of chaos!

The first step is to place religious movements and groups on the target board. They want to cause social, then political chaos by wiring news that will give rise to indignation in relation to religious movements and groups!

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu’s clear statement with respect to religious groups put the matter to rest. He said that such reports are provocative, and that the government has taken measures against such gang-ups.

Lastly, the fires started.

First, Hatay was set on fire once again.

This was followed by the critical forest fires started by the PKK in İskenderun, then in Osmaniye, then in Kahramanmaraş, and lastly in Trabzon.

The aim is to drive the country into chaos, to form an atmosphere of weakness, in order to make it lose control, and thus stage a civil coup!

The state should make these low-lives pay!

It should also be quick to reach out a helping hand to our citizens!


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